CAP Airplane History

Started by addo1, August 20, 2007, 07:08:42 PM

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                     Check out the history of CAP's airplanes at      
                           Let me know how you like it!!!
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Loved it.   Every Senior and Cadet in CAP should see this.
Daniel L. Hough, Maj, CAP
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Terrific idea and an excellent start! 

A couple of comments, mostly as it relates to the modern stuff (since that's all I know):

  • Add the Maule
  • Differentiate (break-out) between the 172 and the 182
  • We have a couple types of gliders in the current fleet, identify them separately
  • Expound on each aircraft some more...or create a link to a more descriptive page
  • Call out the Gippland as a GA-8

Given that the page is part of the museum, we should be as thorough as possible.

Again, great initiative and a good start!  Well done.

(BTW, this could also fall under the AE heading)

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The Maule is mentioned in the last sentence. However since all Maules are being retired if they haven't already, you can add the Maule into the older aircraft fleet no longer flying. Itried to upload a photo of the 1945-50 CAP L-4, but it wouldn't work. Most of the Pipers used by CAP post war were L-4's not J-3's
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