Happy 62nd Anniversary to the Silver and Bronze Medals of Valor

Started by James Shaw, April 22, 2022, 10:01:53 AM

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James Shaw

The Medal's of Valor have a 62nd Anniversary this month.

Minutes, National Board-National Executive Board, 22 April 1960.

The following resolution was unanimously approved: The present Medal of Valor is changed to two types: the "Silver Medal of Valor", to recognize acts of heroism for which the present Medal of Valor is now awarded; and, the "Bronze Medal of Valor, to recognize act of heroism which do not meet the criteria for the award of the "Silver Medal of Valor". It was decided as a cost saving approach, that CAP rename the present Medal of Valor and casting it in a silver color with the accompanying ribbon having the addition of three silver stars. The second type of action could be the awarded using the present Medal of Valor, and so renaming it to the "Bronze Medal of Valor", with accompanying ribbon without stars.. It was noted that Silver stars are readily available for purchase at a small price. The Colorado Wing Commander Col. Charles F. Howard,7 suggested, and was approved, that the Distinguished, Exceptional and Meritorious Service Awards will no longer be awarded for acts of heroism. (AUTHORITY: p. 11, NEB Minutes, 22-23 Apr 1960.)"

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