Wear of WW2 CAP uniforms outside of CAP

Started by Hummingbird, March 02, 2017, 04:03:50 PM

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I figured that the answer to this post would be useful to anyone interested in reenacting as CAP but not interested in waiting for a large organized CAP event to take place so I put it here.

Anyway, onto my question: Is the wear of a CAP uniform for a reenactment not attended by and managed by CAP an illegal or legal move within CAP? Say there was a reenactment and I attended wearing the WW2 CAP uniform, not participating in any of the battle reenactments (as we were busy supporting instead of doing much fighting) and just talking about the history of CAP. Would that be a punishable offense or A-OK? It would be an excellent way to get the word about us out, and many people wear old US military uniforms to reenactments, without any reprimanding.
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Something rather in my lane for once! I'm a district coordinator for the USMC Historical Company and do a lot of living history events presenting on USMC history. By all means, wear the WW2 CAP uniform.
What I will suggest to you, is that you wear a uniform and accouterments appropiate to your age. In other words, don't wear a commissioned officer's uniform if you aren't even old enough to shave. There are sources for WWII-Era CAP cadet insignia. 
As a historian, one of the things that irks me is when people treat the uniforms more like a costume than as an educational tool.
Research the roles of CAP during the war, and research how CAP functioned in your area in particular. A CAP cadet in a squadron in Utah wouldn't be supporting Coastal Patrols. A cadet in a gulf Coast squadron wouldn't likely be supporting forest patrols. Make your impression (that's what we call the whole package, uniform and background) as personal as possible and relatable to your audience. Making it personal will allow you to draw on personal experience and make connections to CAP today more easily. Good luck with your impression! Let us see it if you end up putting it together!

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