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CAP Volunteer Errors?

Started by AirAux, November 18, 2016, 03:42:27 PM

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In the CAP Volunteer, which I will note is outstanding, there appears to be a conflict as to who was the first CAP member to receive the Medal of Honor.  Was it Edward Clyde Benford (pp. 45) or was it Frederick E. Ferguson (pp.50)?  Inquiring minds want to know. 


I would say it is Edward Benford...he received his in 1952 while Frederick Ferguson received his in 1968. Both were CAP members I assume?
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We must be careful with our history, or we will be claiming that CAP sank 2 submarines in WWII.


Well, I have gotten clarification.

Benfold is the first member, and first former cadet. Ferguson is the first former SM.
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I'm frankly a bit flummoxed about why the "first ..." is meaningful in any way.  Both were men who earned the title "hero" in the true sense of the word.  Both, along with all other recipients of the nation's highest honor deserve equal accolades.   It's nice that these two highly honored men had a CAP affiliation, and it's equally possible that their prior CAP association may have had something to do with their ability to perform under utmost pressure to meet the standards for this most prestigious recognition.  They, and all other CAP affiliated recipients should be remembered and honored equally as persons who shined when the need arrived.  I am grateful to all recipients of the MOH, and do not play favorites because of their order in history.  Seniority of claims is irrelevant.