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50 Years of Star Trek

Started by Eclipse, September 09, 2016, 03:05:59 am

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September 09, 2016, 03:05:59 am Last Edit: September 09, 2016, 03:12:01 am by Eclipse
Having launched the careers of countless astronauts, scientists, and backyard explorers, this date
should not pass without a mention here.

Star Trek debuted on NBC 50 years ago tonight.

The series passed from cancelled camp to saved icon in just three years, sat dormant for a nearly a decade and
then re-launched one of the most successful media franchises in history, which is still going strong today.

While "merely" science fiction, its cultural influence is difficult to quantify, including some of the world's top
scientists, physicists, and think tanks.
From the beginning the technology was intended to be at least grounded in the science of the respective
times, and the debates regarding its plausibility are endless in technical journals, web forums and coffee shops.

From a design and idea perspective, Star Trek is credited with influencing the cellular phone, tablet computers,
advanced imaging and biometric sensor systems, not to mention computer operating systems and user interfaces.

The Federation's diverse starship crews helped to bring the ideals of objective abilities over ethnic and gender stereotypes
to the mainstream media, and has been credited as an influence, especially for Asians and African Americans, to
strive for roles in SETM-related fields.

Those of us of a "certain" age, grew up assuming we would someday work in space, saw that dream...postponed...
and are now gauging our own mortality as we witness the realities of time beaming our childhood heroes to their
own ultimate "Final Frontier".

50 greatest Star Trek moments of all time:
For me, it has to be ST:TWOK.  Too many beats to pick a favorite, but so many things are quotable,
especially in a CAP context.

50 moments from Trek that still raise an eyebrow:

"That Others May Zoom"


Nice!  Thanks for sharing.  Nostalgic moment when I saw you used the Radio Times link!

Al Sayre

If you have DirecTV, they have the Heros and Icons (H&I) channel which is showing all of the Star Trek series.  Individual shows are in chronological order.
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I have all the ToS episodes on LaserDisc.  :)
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