WW2 CAP test pilot in Maryland

Started by Falling Hare, March 20, 2016, 05:05:38 PM

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Falling Hare


Go to Youtube and type in the words "Eshelman Flying Flounder NX28993 (1942)", (the same footage also appears in the old British Pathe newsreel labelled "New Wonder Plane Dublin Issue (1942)".

You will plainly see that the test pilot of this unusual craft is wearing a CAP uniform!

The designer/builder of this airplane was Cheston Lee Eshelman who had his own company in Balitmore, Maryland that was incorporated in Jan. 1942.  The newsreel footage show a quick flash of a man in a suit and the pilot in the CAP uniforms and flight helmet.  I'm guessing the guy in the suit is most probably Eshelman himself.  But who is the CAP test pilot?  The British newsreel throws out the name Nelson Edwards as the inventor/pilot...was he an executive or company employee?

The Cheston L. Eshelman Company had its aircraft production facilities in Dundalk, Md. and came out with prototypes of some unconventional aircraft during and after the war.  The company also manufactured motorboats, golf carts, scooters and automobiles (1953-1961).  There is a Wiki article on him.

Hopefully, some intrepid historian with access to the Baltimore papers on microfilm can dig up some more information on this interesting bit of CAP history.

My hint to ALL CAP historians is to visit your local library and utilize the old local newspaper microfilm...if you are really lucky there might even be a hard copy subject file.  Its a great way to find out about your local CAP activities during this period.

I would love to find out just who this test pilot is.

Luis R. Ramos

I doubted your assertion so I did my own search using Eshelman 1942. I got your video but I also got this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idsA1dUD9QA

It shows him getting in and out, in a uniform with the CAP insignia.

I had seen photos of this "flying fish" many many times but never once about the connection with CAP.


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