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Started by Nikos, November 06, 2015, 02:52:26 PM

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I took firefighter classes in Fairfield as well, the late 70s early 80s. I did the flammable liquid pits also, really HOT!  We did repelling from the radar tower. 


Quote from: Nikos on November 07, 2015, 08:29:02 PM
I took firefighter classes in Fairfield as well, the late 70s early 80s. I did the flammable liquid pits also, really HOT!  We did repelling from the radar tower.

Hot is right! Our instructor failed to notice a container partially full of fuel next to the pit and we had a BLEVE. After the boom, there was a fireball headed towards the marsh. I had never seen a marsh burn before, so I had no idea why the instructor was freaking out. I grabbed a hose line with the only other guy who had previous experience and we chased down the fire. The remaining students were raw recruits, and I think a couple of them may have pooped their pants.

A couple of weeks later, the was a huge fire on the opposite side of the marsh and it became very clear why the instructor was so excited. Good times.


Not all of them are falling down or rotten.  My unit meets in one. 

It started out as a Nike launcher site, then was turned into an Army Reserve center by building connecting hallways between buildings an a couple of extra additions.  The launcher pits are still in place, sealed with concrete.

Back in the 80s, MIWG had control of an old IFC, or admin site, that was used as a training facility.



We have several decommissioned sites in Rhode Island as well. There were 2 in Foster, RI ... one was home to some of the Foster-Glocester Regional school district offices before all the buildings were finally demolished.  Another old one is now believed to be the site of the Training Academy for the RI State Police. A third is in Coventry and is now a park w/athletic fields; one or 2 buildings still remain, all boarded up and fences off.  I am sure there are more around here somewhere ...
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Not really Nike, but related.  Several years ago Wings/Airpower Magazine did a feature on the IM-99 Bomarc Missile.  The article addressed one instance where a Bomarc caught fire and basically melted the nuclear warhead.  I believe it was in New Jersey somewhere.  The clean up operation consisted of filling and sealing everything off with concrete.  I really did not get too much into the article because I am not really into missiles, and New Jersey is not a place I ever plan to go.  But if I remember correctly somewhere there is a danger of old radiation leaking into the ground. 
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A few that I know of in the Los Angeles area:

Oat Mountain, in the hills at the north of the San Fernando Valley. It was later converted into a county youth detention facility.

There was one on Pershing Drive at the northeast corner of LAX. It was converted into a business, "Jet Pets," which specialized in shipping and receiving animals. They had vet facilities, a quarantine area and boarding facilities. They actually specialized in larger animals, including horses, cattle and elephants.

South of Van Nuys airport in the San Fernando Valley. It was converted into an ANG communications squadron base. My CAP squadron was based there for a few years, evicted because they were going to "tear down those buildings in that area." CA WG HQ later moved into that same area (into the same, but nominally updated, buildings) and the squadron moved back as well.
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There were several in the Chicago area.

There's one in Naperville, IL that's now a sports complex called "Nike Park".  I'm guessing most of the folks think it's named after the


Tinley Park Composite Squadron in Illinois held there meeting at a nike site for many years back in the 60s and 70s.
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