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Started by Nikos, June 02, 2014, 11:33:12 PM

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Accurate Statistics?

I guess we don't need those anymore?

Honestly, you have a very "my unit" centered mentality, and that's fine, I guess.
Maybe it's a legitimate position for an NCO to have - "I'm good, the rest isn't my problem."

Some of us are concerned with the larger picture, which includes things like "accurate statistics" when
we report our readiness to Congress, not to mention and much more importantly, when we try to make
strategic decisions at a larger scale.

This points back to the utter lack of anything resembling strategic planning or even understanding at the
national level - if you don't even know who and where your people >are<, you certainly can't plan
anything, nor set any expectations.

So yes, let's start with "accurate statistics".

How effective would the USAF be if 20+% of those on the books were "status undetermined"?

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Truth be known, the military folks aren't much better at reporting accurate availability numbers.

Typically, somewhere between 10-15% of the reported forces are not available to do their primary jobs. They are away from their units for various reasons - leave, schools, hospital, TAD/TDY to non MOS jobs, and UA are the most typical. There might be one or two other reasons I don't recall. All of these people count on the unit's rolls, but aren't available.

ETA: Incarcerated.
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Reminds me of when I was in the Guard, where they would hold transfers and discharges to maintain unit levels.
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