New to Historian position and would like guidance

Started by MacGruff, May 29, 2013, 09:13:14 PM

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I've only recently joined CAP and upon completion of my Level 1, was tasked by the squadron to become the unit historian. By way of background, I am NOT a historian, but I do count it as a hobby so I am looking forward to the assignment.

My first step was to speak with the Public Affairs Officer who has been acting as the Historian by default. As it happens, she is also the PAO for the wing so she spends very little time in gathering information and records for this purpose. She did show my a file cabinet that was chock full of "stuff" and told me that when she's been given stuff, she put it in there. It's obviously not organized in any fashion.

Where I would like some help is in pointers to guides (written or human) who can help me get a good start on this. I've downloaded CAPP 5; CAPP 223; and LTC Shaw's CAP History Guidelines for presentations already and intend to read them. I've also scanned through this section for any pointers and did find some, but any additional pointers and help that anyone else can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I think a big issue with the historical program in general, and if you can find a way to surmount it you'll go far, is that historians kind of stink at documenting "current history."

A yearly historical summary plus capturing historical lineage info (ie. Where does "administrative management of info" stop and history begin? Handy / easy to reconstruct a lot of history when you've got all the units personnel auths, for example) is key.

If you didn't know better you'd think CAP barely existed between 1944-45 and 2001, 2005, etc.

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Check your private messages, and welcome into the program :) Glad to have you involved!