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Started by RADIOMAN015, April 28, 2012, 01:57:08 PM

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Interestingly one of our 40+ year senior members brought to the meeting last week a binder with pictures in it that was given to him and appear to be local units in the 1947/1948 era.  Another squadron member is scanning the pictures into a computer file and it will be given to the wing historian.

What I found very interesting is there was some radio equipment shown in the pictures, which appeared to be high frequency (HF) radio equipment.   In looking at what is available on CAP history, there doesn't seem to be very much discussion on CAP radio communications (and the equipment) supporting the missions.   There is mention during WW II  coastal patrol operations that there was air/air as well as air to ground (mission base) radio communications.  HOWEVER, I've never seen a comprehensive discussion of the equipment utilized since our inception.

As a cadet in the mid 1960's I remember that there were Gonset VHF radios installed as bases and mobiles but there wasn't any VHF repeaters at that time.
I don't recall what was installed in the aircraft.   Also many Citizen Band Radios could easily be modified to operate on a frequency that was within the operating parameters of the CB radios.  As a cadet I was licensed to operate one of these CB type stations (AM mode), and utilized a Browning Eagle Base station with a crystal specifically made for the transmit frequency and a modification to the receiver to allow tuning into that frequency via a simple adjustment screw on the radio.     

Also CAP actually had a separate Radio Shack (small building) on our military base with including 4 or 5 tall poles that had VHF omni directional & beam antennas as well as HF long wire antennas. HF equipment was rack mounted and so was the VHF equipment.  I think the HF equipment was 400-500 watts and even the VHF equipment was 100 watts.  I can remember as a cadet operating the station with a VERY senior member, who would fall asleep for a bit in the shack.  IF I remember correctly we were still operating in AM mode.

Furthermore, I can also remember being at the Group PAO's home and he had a HF & VHF antenna and operating from that location during a SAREX.

Additionally, I can remember operating the Heathkit (4 channel?) HF/SSB radio from another commander's home.   

I know all of this was in the 1965- 1968/1970 time frame.    Fun time  -- lots of good people :clap:

Perhaps others on the discussion board can add in more equipment and time line. t 



During the late 1940's CAP was loaded with surplus military radios. This included HF and VHF analog AM radios. One VHF radio that was popular was the SCR-522 on VHF. In the 1950's the Florida Wing Comnications Director started making an HF AM radio it was called the Crico and sold for right about $100 plus the power supply of about $50 for base or mobile. Fixed stations HF had a power ouput to up to 1 KW in the 60's  RM was correct on the CB radios in CAP. All that was needed was to remove the Channel 10 transmit and channel 10 recieve crystals and reverse them. And you ened up on the CAP frequency just outside Citizens Band.
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