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1972 Report to Congress

Started by PA Guy, March 27, 2012, 07:39:33 PM

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PA Guy


Wow, that brought back some memories.
Rick Franz, Col, CAP
Gill Rob Wilson #2703


Almost all the reports from 1950 to 2008, their final year, are available here:  There are a couple of reports from the 1940s for good measure.



Page 10, Frank G. Brewer Awards, Noel A. Bullock ... He initiated me into the Blue Baron's.
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PA Guy

Did anyone notice how many more countries participated in IACE back then?

Mitchell 1969

The cadet in the middle, on the cover photo, belongs to KCAP. Korea Civil Air Patrol. The photo was taken during the 1971 IACE. There was a USAF video made that year about IACE as well. I think it was called "Young Ambassadors" or similar. Like the report, the video carries a 1972 date but depicts 1971 IACE.

I was in New Zealand on IACE in 1971. Nobody took our picture or caught us on tape. It's OK, I got over not being included in the video.

Anyway, that KCAP uniform must have been one of a kind. I helped host New Zealand and Korea in 1972 and the ROK cadets were in khaki. I went to Korea on IACE in 1973 - they were still in khaki. But the black beret with the eagle patch survived. I got one but lost it 30+ years ago. I still have a wing patch for "Seoul Wing" though.

Bernard J. Wilson, Major, CAP

Mitchell 1969; Earhart 1971; Eaker 1973. Cadet Flying Encampment, License, 1970. IACE New Zealand 1971; IACE Korea 1973.

CAP has been bery, bery good to me.


You just made me feel really old. At this point, I had been a cadet for five years and a senior member for one.

Boy were those the days.....


Yep, great memories.  1971-72 was my last cadet year in CAP...  Seems like only 40 years ago ;D