"The CAP Story" Slide Show Circa 1986

Started by Eclipse, December 14, 2011, 10:50:43 PM

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These are from a set of film slides found when cleaning up a squadron meeting area pending a move.
This probably belonged to the then USAF Liaison Officer for use in presentations to the general public.
Based on the content and the technology, the assumption is that the presentation is from the mid-'80's, though
some of the photos are earlier. 

GAWG is heavily represented, plus TNWG, ILWG, PAWG, and a few others randomly throughout.  Sadly, any accompanying
text is lost to history. 

The original slides will be going to the wing historian, attached is a PDF of all the slides, in the order
indicated on the slide itself.  Any unusual cropping or skewing is in the original slide, as scanned.

Below are a few slides from the set.

If nothing else, the fact that this is done should be an indication how much of my "to do" list is finally completed.

"That Others May Zoom"


Crap, I just boxed about 400 slides up to ship to someone, including beaucoup CAP Story slides.

Maybe its time to throw them out.

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Duke Dillio

Man I love the pickle suits and the old box vans.....  They should bring them back.....    >:D


The uniforms (Blues) were much better looking back then!  Actual metal insignia, blue rank slides etc.  The other various uniforms looked very "Air Force" as well.  So between 1986 and 1991 someone (or many) screwed over the future generations of CAP Members in regard to uniform ugliness.   >:D


The bottom picture is of the 1984 NCC National Champion Bronx Group Drill Team.





Apparently back then the CP goals were the same as the ES goals >:D. Then again, the slides could be out of order too.


Yeah, I noticed that - no idea, but the slides in the document are in the order marked on the slide itself.

"That Others May Zoom"