wondering about pearl harbor

Started by starshippe, March 01, 2011, 03:50:49 AM

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Thanks for the teaser about changing CAP history.  I'm not a part of CAP anymore, but history still fascinates me.  If you can see your way clear to raising the curtain a little on your findings, drop me a PM.  Consider me sworn to secrecy until you release your findings publicly.
Another former CAP officer


Good thoughts from you and for you too. I have PMed you.

Regarding the Japanese Navy of WW2 - I wouldn't contest anything you have stated only the prominence of the points you argued... which is hardly worth arguing.

History changes - Wright Vermilya/Zack Mosley and Florida deserve more credit than they are usually given in the founding of CAP. EXAMPLE - CAP wore basically the same uniform as the Florida Defense Force (later incorporated into CAP and well before our founding date of Dec. 1 '41) all of WW2. All the best.
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