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"reports" posted

Started by RiverAux, February 26, 2011, 08:58:11 pm

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The 2011 wing-specific reports for Congress have been posted:

I hope someone downloaded all the 2010 reports because they've disappeared - so much for that bit of CAP history. 

Is it just me or is it a little unusual that CAP is making a point to tell congressmen how many voting members are in each wing? 

Perhaps I'm reading a bit too much into the way they laid these out, but it also appears that CAP has decided to prioritize its 3 missions (for those who mistakenly think we only have 3) as
1. ES
2. cadet programs
3.  AE

Interestingly, the actual legislation regarding CAP has them in this order:
1.  AE
2.  ES
(Note, as I've mentioned in other threads, cadet programs are just a subset of our AE mission as envisioned by Congress)


My wing has made a concerted effort to identify constituents in preparation for the upcoming legislative days, I think it is a good idea to
let people know where and who we are, especially since we are very likely to be voters.

As to the order of mission, I think you are reading something not there.

As defined AE may be the head of CP, but as executed AE is an afterthought, all but ignored in most wings, and what is done is done mostly as part of CP, not the other way around (and a little in ES).   CP is certainly at least 50% of CAP these days.

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