Vintage Radiological Monitoring Equipment

Started by Eclipse, October 17, 2010, 05:09:59 PM

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From Palwaukee's pile of...historical archives...
I'm working with Wing to see if they want it for their archives, otherwise I will start looking around for a new home.
We can't even say for sure that this was CAP equipment as PWK members add a habit of dropping stuff off that CAP
"might need", never to be used.  There is also a like-new box with a mounting bracket.

Looks like the green box is a simulator?  Also note that all three used batteries.

More info on the equipment here:

"That Others May Zoom"


The green box is the simulator. The yellow box is the detector which was usually put under a seat or strapped to the outside of the aircraft. The observer held the black box in his lap.

Keep in mind the plan was for these to be used in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, so most the the typical rules about almost everything (including aircraft) would be out the window, so no comments about strapping the detector outside the a/c being a violation of FAA drectives.


One of the comments from the website above:
The photo below right shows the tape recorder. Its purpose is to record the aircraft crew's comments concerning the radiation levels and the planes coordinates. The tape recorder comes with several blank tapes one of which is seen on the left side of the photo.

I imagine those "comments" would be similar to:

"That Others May Zoom"