Old "Jaffrey Squadron?" flickr image

Started by spacecommand, August 27, 2010, 06:00:42 AM

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I was browsing through flickr the other day and came across this image:

Got me thinking, I can't seem to find any "Jaffrey Squadron" out of current CAP squadrons, looking at the photograph's profile it was taken in Virginia, but the bus could of been driven there from anywhere.  My search on the internet shows a Jaffrey, New Hampshire however no squadron located there these days.

Any clues on the history of the squadron?  Just curiosity.


Used to be a squadron there (timeframe, unsure) and my former DCC's dad was either the unit commander or was in the unit there.   I seem to recall him telling me a story of his dad, who was in CAP as well, having an airplane problem at the Jaffery Airport, maybe it was a CAP plane, and somehow landing it in the trees and being hung up in the trees and completely unhurt.

I'll email him and get some 411.

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