The World's Largest CAP History Library

Started by Smithsonia, August 21, 2010, 09:49:07 PM

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In all honesty, I don't think anyone here has the slightest clue what you two are tip-toeing around.  So, if this is y'alls dirty laundry, it's making this thread, which started out great, stink.
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Regarding your account on the previous page. That does not jive with the facts. The images used in the Auburn Exhibit and were collected by other members working on the exhibit under your project management well before contact was ever made between you (YakYak) and Mark Hess. AND before either of you swapped any images.

This is easy to prove and easy to forgive... because once again - The site is a library.

The Auburn Museum Exhibit was launched on Memorial Day (May 31 2010).
The contact between you and Mark did not begin until Nov. 2010. You can check your requests for contact with Mark on this thread. I believe that date is Nov. 7th, 2010.

We know how these images were obtained and when. As I have stated... Mark and I are glad to be of service. BUT, it would be nice to receive some attribution (or some appreciation) and not your misstatement regarding the facts.
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Let it go.  Or take it to PM.

You are driving people away from the thread, and leaving them with a bad taste in their mouths for what is a wonderful, wonderful project.


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Fifty-two Wing Historians, Eight Regional Historians, National Historian(s) Historical Foundation a

And as far as a document repository, it CANNOT be a CAP operation.  It just cannot be done as a volunteer operation in the back of some warehouse.  It needs to be in a real climate controlled building staffed by professional archivists and librarians and open to the public.  CAP will never be able to fund that on its own, so we need to get someone else to take our stuff. 

Preferably, it would be the National Archives, but given our strange legal status that may or may not be possible.  The second best option would be an archive associated with one of the existing Air Force archives.  Failing that, a respectable archive associated with a university would be acceptable.
I agree with this in that the AF needs to give some assistance to Civil Air Patrol in this matter.   Locally in the community we have a historian that digs out all sorts of facts & I asked him IF he could find anything about our squadron, specifically when it was formed.  He told me that it's very difficult to get information on volunteer groups, because there really wasn't much record keeping/method for historical record keeping.  Perhaps early next year I will do a press release to the community asking if anyone has historical documents pertaining to Civil Air Patrol in the Area.  In the mid/late 60's we had 7 units in the local area, now we have two units :(

Even our wing started to work on a history project, BUT I haven't heard anything about it in a long time :(