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Started by kd8gua, July 28, 2010, 08:11:43 AM

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I'm not sure if this would belong in Uniforms or History, I'm sure the mods will decide what category is best. I'm trying to find, for my own collecting/display purposes uniform manuals prior to the Berry Board saga. So any of the major changes from say 1990 and back. Any information, drawings, tables, or possibly whole manuals in pdf form would be great! I'm looking mainly for information in regards to dress uniforms, both senior and cadet, from the pink and green era through the khaki era, and into the more recent blues era. My hope would be to create either a wiki entry or some other source for historic CAP uniform information. People have done so with many of the active duty branches, I've even seen whole books dedicated to the US Army uniform since 1775.

Also, I know there's a book floating around that may already solve my questions, but I don't recall the name of it and I was under the impression it was out of print.
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The books you are looking for were written By Col Morse. You can find them on eBay fairly often. CAP Insignia 1942 to 1985 and CAP Insignia 1985 to 1990 Or titles to that effect.
Rarely you'l even find old versions of 39-1.
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The first NHQ PDF version was 1997, IIRC. It may not have been until 2005. I don't have access to my electronic archives right now.

I have a small collection of uni manuals, one of which I got on eBay for $20. I have them from '68, '83, '87, '97, and '05 (e).

The work by Louisa Morse was a three volume history of the CAP uniform. It is pretty hard to get these days.

The insignia histories were by different people. The early one was by Major Regan. I don't recall who did the later one, but it shows up on eBay once in a while.
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