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History of ES

Started by Cms.sloane, March 08, 2010, 08:01:49 PM

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Im doing a research paper on CAP. Im trying to focus mainly on Emergency Services. I am tending to find alot on the history of cap in general but not on ES. Can anyone led me in the right way or help me out.


Well....ES is a pretty big catagory.

From its beggining CAP was all ES if you put all the war time acitivty into the ES hat.

You may need to narrow the scope of your research to just one aspect of ES....such as AIR SAR or Ground SAR....and then you need to narrow it by time period 41-45, 46-60, etc as major changes in technology and the organsiation changed the nature of how CAP did buisness.


Something I hadn't thought about in awhile...

As a cadet I was told that when WWII ended, along with associated wartime jobs such as coastal patrol and target towing, made Civil Air Patrol alomost obsolete. So we were given the duty of "Domestic Search and Rescue" as a means to give the organization purpose and keep it alive.

At the same time the fledgling cadet program wasn't a CAP "mission" like it is now, but more of a recruitment tool for military service. Search and Rescue - later coined Emergency Services - was our life blood when the war ended.

I don't know how much of a cadet fairy tail this really is, but it's one angle to take and prove or disprove... "How the ES Program saved CAP" (kinda catchy, lol)

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