CAP History for West Texas, particularly Lubbock Squadron

Started by Lt. Mom, March 04, 2010, 04:19:16 PM

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Lt. Mom

Hi, All!  This is my first time posting.  My name is Christina, and I am a 2nd Lt. in TX 293--my college-age son is also a 2nd Lt, but as a cadet.  I am working on my unit history, and as I have been digging I have become very interested in perhaps doing a more thorough history of the Panhandle squadrons, since 1941.  I have been listening to several oral histories housed in the South Plains Collection here at Texas Tech, and I have really got hooked on the history!  I emailed a Lt. Windmann three times (who is our state Historian) regarding getting information such as a list of unit commanders going back to 1941, but have not received a response.  It appears a lot of our information has not been properly recorded or safeguarded.  Does anyone know how to go about finding a list of commanders?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Lt. Mom


^ Welcome to CAPTALK "MOM"!!  :)

The best way to start is by contacting National Headquarters and asking how far back they have records for Squadron Commanders.  You could also take a trip to the Wing Headquarters, and go through the boxes of historical information there as well.

Contacting members who you still have records for would be another route as well. 

I will send you a PM with a better contact for Texas historical items. 


I'm glad to hear that someone is doing a history of 293. I assume that you've already gone through the box of photos in the commanders office and cadet room and have talked with Lt. Col. Ridgway. Wing may provide some information, though I would also talk with Bill Darby up at Group and some of the guys in Amarillo. I tried to get just a glimpse of history of 293 when I was there and pretty much hit a wall after piecing together what was hanging on the walls.

I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor and can't wait to see what you can put together.

Jed Taylor
Former DCC, Lubbock Composite Squadron
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