Debris in the desert is part of Las Vegas history

Started by Eclipse, June 10, 2020, 04:32:42 PM

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Thanks, Eclipse.

I've flown and driven up and down range many times up there and had noticed the debris, but it was neat seeing the back story behind it.

Also pretty interesting to see the video of an F-86 civilian registry. I've a good friend who is the Airworthiness manager for Blue Air Training there, and over dinner during my recent Nellis visit, she stated that she got a hop recently around the range in one of their "new" OV-10s, also with N number registries, where she noted all the scrap on the deck. They're supporting JTAC training so I suppose they are carrying on the legacy of blowing stuff up in the desert, in the name of training!

... not even counting the nuke testing...!

Blowed up good - got blowed up reeel good!