Cadet Welcome Course

Started by Xylathialus, October 27, 2021, 04:10:26 PM

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  Can someone help me find this training now required for Acheivement 1? 

CAPR 60-1 says it can be done online in Axis or class room based.  Covering it in the class room doesn't appear viable since it will not allow us to approve it in eServices.  This is the only thing preventing 4 Cadets from getting their first promotion.


EServices>LMS>AXIS>Cadet achievement tab>welcome course.

We'll have a pictorial tutorial on the Cadet Interactive page in about an hour or so.

Ned Lee
National Cadet Program Manager


Thank you Sir!  I was able to find it on my son's Cadet account...for some reason I didn't have the "Cadet Acheivement" tab....   ;D