USAF and USCG use of horses

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Hi everyone,

Just thought I might throw this out, what with mention of interesting units in the USAF over the years (for example, SAC's Camper Alert Teams).  Also because horses are very close to my heart.  Many of use are well aware of the Army's longstanding association with horses for transportation, for load carriage and for ceremonial use. The Marine Corps also has a more limited but well-documented history with our equine friends (ie Sergeant Reckless of the Korean War, also see the USMC Mounted Color Guard). 

What many people may NOT be aware of, however, is that the Air Force (and to some extent the CAP - see other threads here for historical and current info) and the Coast Guard have (or had) mounted units during their recent history ... WW2 forward.

The USAF, aside from special operator use "elsewhere," have had a long relationship with horses in the Security Forces, patrolling base areas.  One of the links, which shows two working horses receiving a retirement ceremony, depicts Security Forces personnel (particularly the riders) in their Service uniforms with black cav boots and Stetsons ... apparently the Air Force is borrowinf more than Army Air Corps traditions when having horses in the ranks.  I present the following for your reading pleasure:

And for our members who also give time to the USCG Auxiliary (or are still in the AD or Reserves), these are for you:

Enjoy, everyone! I'll see you on a dusty trail!


The Air Force used to use horse patrols at Clark AB, The Philippines due to the rough nature of the land.

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