Discoveries: "Arches of Chaos" may speed space transport

Started by Spam, December 24, 2020, 06:07:48 pm

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"Ohe, Beltalowdahs"!

For CAP members who have been following the plans of both government (NASA/Artemis) and industrialist entities (Messers Musk and Bezos) to send people back to the moon and on to plant communities on Mars, starting as soon as within the next couple of years, this may be of interest.

Researchers have discovered interactions between astronomical bodies which may significantly impact the speed at which mankind could explore and exploit the solar system. Those of you who read SF may recognize such concepts theorized as "grav lanes"... and now it looks as if these may be real. This research is a serious Nobel contender in physics, I'd wager.

Here's a summary which balances readability to the average guy with the actual science:

And here's the seminal paper:


PS, "The Expanse" just dropped the new season. If you like your sci fi with some hard science, I recommend it. It really takes me back 30 years to working on payloads at KSC, and my NSF occulting binary project...