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Mitchell Aerospace milestone tests

Started by Wildbilly1760, October 04, 2019, 04:04:48 am

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Are the Mitchell Aerospace 2nd edition and 3rd edition tests very different?   Cadets are telling me that the tests are alot different.  The scores have dropped.  Is this psychological?  Are they studying the wrong materials?

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1Lt Bill W


I ran into the exact same problem. I gave a 2nd edition test, after the test, the cadet told me she didn't have 2nd Edition books. She failed the test. The next test I made sure to give her the 3rd Edition test and she made a 96 on the test. Since the books being sent are 3rd Edition books now I make sure to give a 3rd Edition exam unless a cadet specifically request a 2nd Edition Exam. I have had several Cadets tell me the information is not the same.


There's an easy way to do this. Have the cadet bring the aerospace book they used to study to the testing session.
That way you can match the test to the book. You can also keep the book while they take the test too.