Is anyone using flight sim to simulate search and rescue mission?

Started by sdflyguy, March 06, 2019, 10:36:07 pm

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I'm a new AEO and have been tasked with developing a flight simulator based S & R rescue mission package to be used on our two simulators.  We would like to use this to supplement S & R field training because simulator based learning would be less costly, less time consuming, and more likely to be available on a frequent basis.   We use MS FS2004 running on Win X-P because it is so easily programmable.  I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who is already working with this type of simulation. Capt, AEO, Rushmore Sqd, SD Wing

Al Sayre

I'm running this:
on my olde Windows XP machine with FSX at the house.  It works fine.  For $30 I wouldn't reinvent the wheel.
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The mico soft simulator 2004 has a CAP add on program that does the SAR training and practice.  The programs are still sold on ebay and amazon.  I have used both on our simulators and they work fine.