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January 19, 2018, 03:22:45 PM
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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 02:40:28 PM 
Started by cobra6987 - Last post by NIN
I predict that squadrons will end up using memes as the sole method to provide local instructions.

 on: Today at 02:34:50 PM 
Started by Geber - Last post by Blanding
Looking for recommendations for a red flashlight for ground team use. Looking at some models intended for amateur astronomers, who have pretty much the same need we have: read charts without ruining night vision.

I recommend you find a white LED flashlight that can be dimmed to zero (or near it) for use in dark environment. Reading things under red light presents challenges because red text (like warnings or map features) can be invisible under the right light.

The military is slowly catching up[1] to what the Human Factors community realized 30+ years ago; that for the light levels we all operate in typically, dim white light is the safest and most effective. Examples of white lighting at night are everywhere - Cessna uses dimmable white LEDs for cockpit light, cars use white light for map lights, etc.

Not to mention, if you're out at night on a ground team, you'll be using bright lights to navigate anyway - there's no need to operate at maximum scotopic threshold (night vision) on a ground team because you're not trying to hide.

[1] http://everyspec.com/MIL-STD/MIL-STD-1400-1499/MIL-STD-1472G_39997/


Quote Dark adaptation and night vision.
a. Night vision. When night vision is required, low-level white lighting (with the capability to dim to zero) shall be used. Where night vision imaging devices are anticipated to be used in the proximity, night vision imaging system (NVIS) green shall be used.

 on: Today at 11:35:20 AM 
Started by abdsp51 - Last post by TheSkyHornet

It'll probably be awhile. I'm working on getting legislation in place in Alabama to protect peer support workers. Hopefully this legislative session.

Vocabulary time.  What are 'peer support workers'?

A team dedicated to helping someone cope through a situation (sometimes referred to as a "peer group" or "peer counselor")

For example (I think in the case he was referring to):
If a police officer engages a suspect, it can be a very traumatic thing for the officer to experience. Some officers go into a shock after shooting someone, particularly in killing someone, or even when attacked by an individual. Some departments will have counselors that they require the officer to meet with after the incident to help him/her collect their thoughts and identify any signs of mental trauma that may need further counseling (i.e., PTSD).

 on: Today at 11:31:25 AM 
Started by Live2Learn - Last post by TheSkyHornet
Weather shows a fairly strong crosswind from ESE, and since they were using 7L, it makes perfect sense---plausible at least---that the thrust was blown to the Cessna sitting at the hold short, if it was holding on the north side of 7L.

IF that's the case, it's really not a matter of how close you're taxiing to an airliner, but where you're stopping in holding for departing traffic, as well as your angle to the runway. Sometimes perpendicular just isn't a good idea even though it seems perfectly logical based on airport layout.

 on: Today at 09:55:02 AM 
Started by Geber - Last post by Pylon
Years of using red light at night in the field as a Marine and I'm pretty sure I've always just used whatever light was cheap/available at the MCX/PX. A red lens is a red lens.

That being said: Dual-mode lights (ones with a flip down red lens or both white and red LEDs) always seemed be the most convenient because you have one less thing in your pack or on your person (versus carrying two different light sources).

 on: Today at 09:22:39 AM 
Started by cobra6987 - Last post by kcebnaes

I predict that squadrons will end up using memes as the sole method to provide local instructions.

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Well, now you know my strategic strategy for my Group's path forward.

Fixed broken quotes -Pace

 on: Today at 04:21:04 AM 
Started by cobra6987 - Last post by Mitchell 1969
Actually that Wing hat that the Wing CC has authority to approve still has to be approved by both Region and Wing.  All supplements have to go through Region and Wing approval so at the end of the day, it is all still up to NHQ.

Yep. But when you don't have a supplement and just have an email from three wing commanders ago.. :)

"VOCO" baby!

I predict that squadrons will end up using memes as the sole method to provide local instructions.

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 on: Today at 12:27:24 AM 
Started by Live2Learn - Last post by PHall
Another good reason to not crowd the Hold Line.

 on: Yesterday at 11:11:23 PM 
Started by Live2Learn - Last post by etodd
I wonder if the C182 pilot had the ailerons 'into the wind' of the jet taking off? And the elevators in the proper position?

I think of that while taxiing, but not sure I always think of the wind coming off a jet, that may be in a different direction that surface winds.

If you can't stop on the parallel taxiway and wind up at the hold short line, it might a good idea to turn into the wind while waiting, so you are not 90 degrees to the jet's engines.

 on: Yesterday at 05:51:20 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by chacharoo
Myself and about 5 other cadets from my AFJROTC unit applied for this scholarship. It was an extremely  competitive and comprehensive process.

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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