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Started by GRANITE, April 25, 2022, 05:37:33 PM

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Good afternoon everyone!

So I'm a C/SMSgt and in my squadron we have cadets take a promotion board for every promotion, not just milestones. So I've taken quite a few promotion boards ;)

Tonight I have my Chief promotion board and for some reason, I'm super nervous. I've done this a bunch of times before and never had this issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to get over this, or what to expect for the chief PMB? 

Capt Thompson

Keep in mind, the leadership feedback meeting (formerly promotion board) is a two way conversation, and can't keep you from promoting. If you are going to be sustained in grade, that decision had to be made before the meeting, and needs to be the first thing discussed if that's the case. If you walk in and don't hear "Unfortunately sergeant, you're being sustained in grade, and here's why," then regardless of what's discussed, you can't be held back.

Be polite, use military courtesies, be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, take criticism well and give constructive feedback on the form.

What do you think they are going to ask you that's making you so nervous?
Capt Matt Thompson
Deputy Commander for Cadets, Historian, Public Affairs Officer

Mitchell - 31 OCT 98 (#44670) Earhart - 1 OCT 00 (#11401)


^^^ This, the intent of Leadership Feedback is to provide information to help
you in your next progression, it is not a gating factor.

This is the mandatory process:

Are squadrons required to use the CAPF 60-90 series forms?
Yes. Each cadet must receive feedback using the CAPF 60-90 series form appropriate for his or her grade at least once per phase. Should the commander decide to retain a cadet in grade, CAPR 60-1, paragraph 5.7, requires that the cadet receive feedback via a CAPF 60-90 series form.

Why should the cadet be told right away if they will be promoted or retained in grade?
If using the CAFP 60-90 series form in conjunction with a promotion board, the cadet's biggest concern will be, "Am I getting promoted or not?" Eliminating that distraction at the outset allows the cadet to focus on the officer's feedback.

(As usual CAP muddies otherwise clear language just enough to leave room for people to continue old practices.
Yes, the cadet should formally report, but beyond that there should be no "gotchas", no "Recite the chain of command up to Thanos", and not a hint that LF is anything but progressive assistance).

If you haven't been through this at least once, then your adult leadership may
need some feedback.

"That Others May Zoom"


Also, read the Cadet Staff Handbook - Updated this month!

Starting on page 21, it details a simple 10 step process (from reporting to dismissed) on how to conduct the feedback session required by CAPR 60-1.


I passed my PMB, thanks for all your help!

C/CMSgt Wilson