GTM book from vanguard... outdated?

Started by Holding Pattern, August 24, 2020, 09:48:26 AM

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Holding Pattern

So I ordered a GTM task book from vanguard. Half the tasks are dated at 2001 instead of 2004, and the sign off sheets are similarly outdated compared to online sign-off sheets.

Did I just get an old inventory book or is this just Yet Another Fine Vanguard Product?


If the cover says 2004 it's the current one.
All they did in 2004 was reorganize how tasks are grouped (forming GTM3, 2, 1)(prior to that it was only gtm and gtl)

and actually deleted several tasks that used to exist (like knots for example)

Any of the tasks that existed prior to 2004 and were not changed (which i think should actually be most of them) would still be labeled 2001

Capt Thompson

My green book was purchased several years ago, and most of the tasks are dated 31 Jan 01 with only a few dated 17 Mar 04.
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