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Started by Nick Critelli, July 15, 2007, 02:42:34 PM

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Nick Critelli

Congratulations!  The National Board has logged on to Captalk, read your posts and unanimously voted YOU the next National Commander of CAP.   Everyone on Captalk is breathlessly awaiting your "vision" and the details of how you intend to attain it.   

Before you buy a pearl handled revolver, a pit bull terrier and commission a portrait artist (ala Patton) remember General that your power stems from the BoG, NB, NEC  and the membership who you must keep happy...and they can turn on you without a moments notice. 

Now what are you going to do.  Give us your vision, your plan.  And please spare us the personal attacks and diatribe about how you'd fire this one, demote that one, etc.    That's no plan...thats venting and sour grapes.  Give us something positive...give us your vision 


Funny ... I don't look like Amy Courter ...  :D

Seriously, I don't know right off what I'd do.  Let me stew on it a while.

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Ahem... General Patton is spinning in his grave - they're ivory-handled pistols; only a New Orleans pimp would be sporting pearl-handled pistols.  ;D
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1st- Stop making new uniforms
2nd- Get closer to USAF
3rd- Rewrite the regs so they are much easier to interpret- no 50,000 and 1 different interpretations.
4th- Work with Wings to get better relationships with their State Governments.
5th- Promote more AE, especially External- no more "best kept secret of the AF"
6th- Get the AF style uniforms more in line with AF.
7th- Cut back # of Corporate uniforms- Cut the Aviator shirt/gray pants combo, weight/grooming standards are all the same- over CAP standards for AF uniforms & Beards

Not sure on how I would do this, but it is what I'd do.

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Quote from: AlphaSigOU on July 15, 2007, 03:16:17 PM
Ahem... General Patton is spinning in his grave - they're ivory-handled pistols; only a New Orleans pimp would be sporting pearl-handled pistols.  ;D

It's nice to share space with a maven of history.

On to the question.  My first act would be to rescind the black flags at National and allow all those pariahs who offended previous Napoleons to return.  I would particularly invite Rex Glasgow.  Just because you don't get along with someone does not mean that you can't be an effective leader. (By the way, I don't particularly like Rex, but he did a H--- of a job at New Orleans.)  Then I would present a proposal to the National Board to amend the Constitution and bylaws so that Wing Commanders were elected by their respective Wing, Region Commanders were elected by their subordinate Wing Commanders, and the National Commander and National Vice were elected by the National Board.  Once elected, no leader Wing Commander or above could be replaced prior to the expiration of their term except by impeachment by those who elected them.
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In all seriousness,
There are patterns and templates I would like to implement drawing from lessons learned from organizations like the US Coast Guard Auxlilary, the State Guard Association, our own organization, police/sheriff reserve programs, and Cadetting programs (CAP, ACA (just a little), USNSCC, even BSA explorers).

My focus on the cadet program would reset all ranks to an enlisted program, E-1 through E-9 using the same curiculum. Spaatz cadets would earn E-9 with one or two exceptional cadets able to earn "Chief Master Sergeant of the Cadet Corps". Recognition would come from medals / ribbons. Rank insignia optionally (or not) sewn onto uniforms. Along that line, I would like to increase the operational capability of cadets over 18 years old.

No need to fire seniors. I would like to reel in the outlandish types and try to refocus their volunteer energy into the actual missions of CAP (only then consider firing as he/she/they prove to be a security risk). Next, increase the available missions with strong MOU's with USAF, Homeland Security (including all subcatagories), DoD, DHHS, other words, all federal and state agencies who show interest. If no interest shown...I'll become a better salesman!

Uniforms. Yes, uniforms. Oh boy, I gotta sit and have a heart to heart with SECAF and SECDEF. I would fight wholeheartedly for what we all want, 'nuff threads on that already.

Just an overall synopsys. Any takers? Vote for me!


PS "Goooooooooood Moooooornningggg Viet Nammmm!"

This message brought to you from the USS Peleliu anchored in the port of Da Nang!
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Quote from: AlphaSigOU on July 15, 2007, 03:16:17 PM
Ahem... General Patton is spinning in his grave - they're ivory-handled pistols; only a New Orleans pimp would be sporting pearl-handled pistols.  ;D

Which is exactly what he said when asked about the guns by a reporter.
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sandman sayeth
QuoteThis message brought to you from the USS Peleliu anchored in the port of Da Nang!

Can you see Monkey Mountain from your vantage point?  If you can, take a stroll to the fantail and render a salute to Marine Captain Bill Tebow, who bought a little patch of it in 1965.

Nostalgia aside, your ideas are good.  There are other reasons for termination than security breaches, but your basic instincts are good.  I think my suggestions would fix the underlying rot, your suggestions seem like a priority for after we get it fixed.  I don't know that I would mess with cadet commissions to the point of eliminating them.  I was a Second Lieutenant when they invented Spaatz, and it seems to me that it has had an overall positive impact.
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Sandman...The original 1942 cadet program had only enlisted grades up to C/Msgt One problem was that CAP cadets and seniors wore the same enlisted insignia. The stripes were supposed to be on a red background, only a small shade different than the Marine Corp NCO stripes. But most CAP members wore the Army style. Ever see a 17 year old Master Sgt? The Cadet officer grades were added (up to C/Capt) in the mid 1940's and C/Major added in very late 1940's. In fact there was a Cadet BGen authorized, for one week until USAF JROTC and ROTC complained saying they didn't have /Gen grades.
There are to many achievements and milestones in the cadet program to drop back to NCO grades only. One of the 1960's National Cadet Advisory Council suggested CAP drop cadet officer grades, but since all JROTC activities included cadet officers, it was never brought up at the National Board. So basically CAP cadets have to maintain the same grade structure as AFJROTC and AFROTC.
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Nick Critelli

Good comments so far.  Keep this in mind:

1.  You have no power on your own...only what you get from the BoG, NEC, NB and ultimately the membership.  You must bring them on board or history has shown that they will quickly turn on you. 

2.  Post only YOUR ideas; don't critique others.  We'll get everyone's ideas on the table then we'll evaluate them against the following criteria:  1) Acceptability...will the BoG,NEC,NB and membership accept them; 2) the vision/plan feasible within our present legal structure; 3) Capability...does the vision/plan make CAP more capable in its three missions: ES,AE&CP, 4) Economics: is the vision/plan economically responsible.



First off I'd look in the yellow pages to find a shrink to help me figure out why I thought I could take on this job with my current salary and leave restrictions....

Nick Critelli

Quote from: RiverAux on July 15, 2007, 05:04:04 PM
First off I'd look in the yellow pages to find a shrink to help me figure out why I thought I could take on this job with my current salary and leave restrictions....

That's  the single best post I've read on Captalk.


First off, I wouldnt take that job for all the tea in China. I would immediately step down and appoint Major Carrales (even though he would slap me with a glove and say "Oh no you dont!")

Second, even though no one wants to hear it, the grey/whites and blue/blues go away. All members wear blue and whites as service uniform. Eliminating the blue/blues eliminates the I am better than you are because you are fat and I can wear a blue shirt with Air Force Approved on the tag. Also I saw a picture last night of about 5 or 6 officers, some wearing blue/whites, some grey/whites and some blue/blues. Most of the blue/blues had their shirts covered up anyway with jackets of varying styles. The folks in the greys, looked hideous, not because they were overweight or had facial hair, but because the greys for the most part looked like grey dickey work trousers bought at the Farm and Fleet. Terrible. And would someone please start telling folks that when you have your pants hemmed there is to be no break in the pant leg where it meets the shoe. They look like a bunch of 5th graders waiting to grow into their pants.

Also, as I have made previously know, I would make EMTs and Medics able to do what they are trained to do with liability coverage and medical direction instead of being advanced first aiders passing out iodine and bandaides. Also, on scenes where care is needed, and there is a Physician officer and an EMT or Medic on scene, the physician officer answers questions and supervises if he is not an emergency physician and leaves the field medicine to those trained to do it. Basically a complete overhaul of the HS. I would also institute a emergency field medicine training program for the medically inclined above and beyond the great work already done by HMRS. Its useless to have technician, senior and master ratings for EMS folks among us when those designations essentially mean nothing. I would institute a true, working Health Service that helps to monitor the health of our members, steps up as part of ES during emergencies and DR and actually has some "teeth" to it. When we have another incident like Katrina of 9/11, the country should be able to count on CAP to be able to dig through rubble and also to perform trauma functions once they have found a victim.

I would institute a NCO corps that consisted of more than just former or current AD NCOs along with an "NCO College." Sergeants have been the back bone of the military since time in memoriam and no reason why they shouldnt be now. Its a little silly to have an entire squadron of Lts running around when Sgts of various grades could be worth a whole lot more.

Grade would mean something. If you are going to be appointed the head of a Squadron, etc, then you need to be able to meet the higher qualifications commensurate with such a position. Though perhaps they should, people dont always respect the position when the Squadron commander is a 1st Lt and the supply officer is a Captain. You work your way up by time in grade plus appropriate "test passing" and other criteria. Then if you are qualified AND have the grade or are qualified to be promoted to the grade, then you become a commander and not before.

Military courtesy would be mandatory. Nuff Said?

A use us or lose us mentality with Mama Blue. Its like we're the girlfriend most of the time but not good enough to take to the prom. This would also involve us beginning to act as if we deserved this respect. Again, training, military courtesy, etc.

A page from USCGAUX...if you are working toward a certain achievement (or at least say you are) you have a fixed period of time to get it done or you are "counselled" on the idea that there may be something better for you to do and if you are not making sufficient progress "up the qualifications chain" in a given period of time, you are counselled that perhaps another organization might be more suitable for you. The long timers are valuable because of their experience, but for those who have gotten all the ribbons and bling they want and then dont attend meetings or so and grouse about how things are being done, a letter is issued suggesting they move to a Triple Zero Squadron or become Patrons and wear the blazer. You've done your thing, but youre not doing it anymore, maybe its time to step aside. None of this needs to be done with a lack of respect for the 30 years the member may have put in and the huge contributions he/she may have made, but as has been said by many officers with much more experience than I, at a certain point, long time members who are paying dues and doing nothing else become dead weight.

Find a way not to drain members pocket books so they can serve. Having 24 and 72 packs minus food available for rapid deployment and stowed under the supervision of the Supply Officer. Some stocking caps, extreme cold weather gear, gloves, etc available for use at a moments notice. And whats wrong with having standardized 24 packs ready for all members who will be going out. They report to the rendezvous point, perhaps the units "headquarters", pick up their packs which they  can be assured by having a tag on them have been inspected and are good to go, a radio rack, flashlights, etc. If little tiny EMS and SAR agencies can do it, so can we. Also things like boot/shoe polish, extra buttons for various field gear, ponchos for wet weather operations...we want to be seen more as military, lets start acting like it by providing a system where Officers can draw equipment in the middle of the night. Not only would it make sure that the officers were properly equipped, it would speed up the process for those officers who dont always have their go-gear sitting by the front door.

Some physical fitness standards for officers and not just cadets. Not at all because they may look sloppy (hey until recently I did) but for safety reasons. If we have a 300 pound ground team member who collapses of an acute MI in the field in the middle of the night, the mission is over because it has become about med-evacking that officer. If the officer seems border line, he/she gets a vital signs check by the units EMT or other medical or health officer...above certain parameters and you sit this one out. I have recently gotten my blood pressure down after a battle with my weight. When I was doing exercises with the local FD for extrication, mass casuality, etc, a triage officer would see me huffing and puffing, take a set of vitals, give me some O2 and then make the decision as to whether to medical me out for the duration and keep me listed as medically incapable until a physician of competant authority says I am good to get back in the game. That does not mean that members whose health numbers excede parameters dont do CAP missions, it means they sit and do comms or other mission base ops until they are healthy enough to return to the field. Im certainly not suggesting kicking anyone out because they have health concerns. But does anyone here really want their beloved Captain dropping dead of an MI or CVA during a field op. Probably not and I bet his family would appreciate it too. This isnt a punishment, its us looking out for our own.

Esprit d'Corps Measures- each Squadron has a flag (unit colors) that meet AF heraldry standards, a Latin motto and all Sqdrns have patches which would also meet heraldry regs but would include a rocket at top or bottom specifying that members operational,  specialty, ie SAR, Comms, Missions Base, medical, etc. One of the EMS outfits I worked with in the Southwest had something like this. Each member wore a rocker on their patch that indicated their area of specialty, ie cardiac care, acute care, trauma, shock/trauma, etc. As tired as I know everyone is about hearing me compare EMS with CAP, the best organized EMS agencies have systems that work. Ive also seen services that have rockers or patches that say things like "Command EMT" or "Command Medic."

I know alot of the things I have suggested seem surface, but they do seep into the cracks, and fill those cracks and the sense of pride and cohesiveness these little measures can bring about really does increase the operational ability and confidence of a group.

ICS, ICS, ICS, ICS! We need to have this pounded into every member, cadet or officer. It is what the world of Emergency services is coming to and it doesnt just need to be used for ES. It can be used for DR, Counter Narcotics, HLS, DOD, DEA assists as well. We are doing a good job at implementing ICS/NIMS but we need to do more. Constant refreshers, the insistance on the use of plain English, commonly used when transmitting in the clear.

So, maybe all of these things do is reflect the lack of experience to date of a SMWOG. But uniformity, esprit d'corps, etc will make us what we all want to be, a force to be reckoned with an one that can competantly stand next to our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces with both us and them knowing that we have a standard or training which is not deviated from, skirted around, etc. I also think that more contact with NG, ANG, etc would help this. We can learn alot from them and they can learn how we operate so as to better utilize us, thus increasing our taskings. I also think drilling, though not necessary for all of our specialties, builds cohesiveness. Not just color guard drilling but marching, rifle work, etc. Having commanded a ceremonial parade company under the auspices of the Canadian/UK goverment, I can tell you that drilling brings a unit closer together like nothing else. It works its way out into every aspect of what we do.

Thats my two cents. I love being involved with CAP. CAP and EMS are my two passions in life. I only want to see us get better and grow as we move into the 21st century. Maybe alot of what I have suggested seems trivial or inexperienced, but my experience with other organizations, including as a supervisor, says it works.

I look forward to comments on what I have said, but if you are getting out the flame thrower, please do it in PM. One thing that I am going to work on myself is that blasting fellow officers in public destroys the very cohesiveness we are trying to build. Thanks for giving this newbie the microphone for a time.

Semper Vi!

PS- Springfield sidearms for the officers.
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Quote from: SARMedTech on July 15, 2007, 05:46:51 PM
PS- Springfield sidearms for the officers.

YESSSSS!  And Springfield M1911 Enhanced Micro Pistols (EMP) for the cadets?   >:D  Got to train them early and right...might as well give them mini-1911's.   ;)


Quote from: Nick Critelli, Lt Col CAP on July 15, 2007, 02:42:34 PM
...Before you buy a pearl handled revolver...

"They're ivory! Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whore house would carry a pearl-handled revolver."


Quote from: ColonelJack on July 15, 2007, 02:57:21 PM
Funny ... I don't look like Amy Courter ...  :D

Seriously, I don't know right off what I'd do.  Let me stew on it a while.


I'd seriously listen to Steal  the  Ideas of My Vice Commander................ the Lady Jack dont look like ;)
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I would lobby Congress for an exemption to the Posse Comitatus Act ( although we are only questionably subject to the PCA anyway) so that we can expand the scope of our mission, AND reissue our Charter to allow Combatant missions ( someone has to sink those Al Quaida submarines.....)

This would allow us to carry out real homeland security missions, counter-narcotics missions, border security, kidnap surveillance, etc. without having to writhe around some very legalistic limitations. Our current SAR mission is on the ropes, and we need to grow or die! We don't have falling memberships because people want more powerpoint presentations. We are falling apart because we are directionless and impotent.

If they don't want us, or won't let us do real world missions in support of America, we should just focus on using all those airplanes and other assets to do the only thing CAP is really good for: Cadet Programs! There is no more vibrant, worthwhile, and enthusiastic group of people in CAP than CP people.

Oh, and of course as the new commander, I would create dozens of new uniforms all the time, including Kilts, and lobby members to obtain CCW permits. Of course, we would have to have a Power Point Officer at every echelon of command, naturally...

Capt. Lord

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If I were National Commander, I'd make membership termination boards mandatory.  No more 2b'ing people without their knowledge. 


Nick asked a serious question, he rates a serious answer!

1.  Eliminate the term "Senior Member."  I haven't quite figured out a replacement term yet, but there is no way a new 19-year old member should be called "Senior."  Plus, why do we take the most junior officers in our organization, and make them "Senior Members" as soon as they join?

2.  Form task groups to study options to improve CAP.  Get the best and the brightest guys to work together via the internet.  Work on developing options for me to present to the NB.

These task groups:

a)  Operations and Technology.  What CAN we do, and how can we do it?  What do we need in the way of aircraft, electronics, commo, support equipment, etc.

b)  Uniforms and Insignia.  One team, one uniform.  AF is preferred, since we are a part of the AF and we earned the right to wear the USAF uniform in combat.  But the age of our officer force is such that I suspect a majority cannot meet the arbitrary weight standard imposed on us.  (I'm cheating right now, myself, but I'm too cheap to replace all the uniforms I bought when I wasn't cheating.)

c)  Awards and Decorations.  Bring our bling-bling in line with the AF bling-bling.  This will probably mean reducing the number of badges, and consolidating specialty tracks under a single badge.  (Admin, pers, finance, PD could all be under an "Admin Support" badge, for example).  Also, our awards should mirror the Air Force's awards.

d)  Organization.  What AF command should we report to?  1st AF?  ANG?  What should our internal command structure look like?  Are the exisiting types of squadrons meeting CAP's needs in the 21st Century?

e)  Mission Focus.  Congress has given us three missions.  But within that framework there is a LOT we can do, and we need to find out what we can do and DO IT!  We have to realize that we can't be all things to all people, but we can be a helluvan asset to the USAF.  We need to demonstrate excellence, and carry out some real missions, now that SAR will someday be going away.  If this is Law Enforcement, Border Patrols, Flying UAV's, Augmentation on AF bases, whatever, lets git-r-done.  If we need changes to law, that's why we have a Legislative Squadron.

That should irritate enough people for the first two years.  I'll come up with more if MG Pineda gets the "Commander-For-Life regulation change in!
Another former CAP officer


Quote from: 12211985 on July 15, 2007, 08:37:01 PM
If I were National Commander, I'd make membership termination boards mandatory.  No more 2b'ing people without their knowledge. 

How do you 2b someone without their knowledge?  Put them on "Double-Secret Probation" first?
Another former CAP officer