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Puddle Jumpers of Lantana

Started by KFreeman, July 03, 2007, 02:15:05 AM

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~S~ All,

Documentary "Puddle Jumpers of Lantana" a dvd movie about  the early WW2 sub hunting CAP fliers operating out of Palm Beach, Florida on coastal patrol. Published by Historical Society of Palm Beach County $20. (561-832-4164)

Monte Markham narrates, Frank Eberling director.

I know one of the CAP coastal patrol pilots, Owen Gassaway. I went to school with Monte Markham. (Monte's older brother went missing while flying a CIA mission.)

I think the old Palm Beach Squadron is gone. I joined that squadron after the Korean War and was CO for a short time.

I've ordered my copy !

Authentic Antique Aviator