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Another Order with Vanguard

Started by Майор Хаткевич, March 18, 2013, 06:02:09 AM

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Майор Хаткевич

Just placed an order. Total just over $101, and the March discount code saved 10% on that. Free shipping option selected as always.

Will report back on order accuracy and timeliness as soon as it arrives!

Duke Dillio

Man....  Your railroad tracks cost $100???  What a RIP!!!   >:D


That's because he requested his be made with actual recycled railroad rails.
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I'm bummed to report that my Vanguard order, which arrived Friday, was banjaxed. I had 16 straight perfect orders with them, so I was getting smug.

I ordered about a dozen little doo-dads (epaulet shapers, some 1st Lt. Mess Dress boards, some patches and junk), plus an A-2 jacket. The box came with everything in it except the A-2 jacket! The invoice says "shipped complete," and the box says "1 of 1" so there's no second box lurking about.

I called Vanguard and they're checking into it and will call me back. But talk about a let-down. I was really looking forward to that jacket (not to mention that it's 175 dollars that are now unaccounted for).

For what it's worth, they're very nice and responsive, so far.

UPDATE: a few hours later they called back very apologetically to say they'd forgotten to put it in the box and it should be at my door tomorrow. Cool!
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Майор Хаткевич

My only beef with them has been their Priority shipping policy. No credit card/PayPal claim would loose to them on that one. Why not just not offer it...


They don't offer Priority Mail? When did they stop? That's all I have ever used. They claim their responsibility ends when they hand it to the postal people, whatever. That's a cop out, but. It's quick, economical, and no hassle.

Майор Хаткевич

Hey do offer it, and that's my point. It wouldn't hold up.


I ordered a few things from Vanguard and so far no issues... ordered all my embroidered items, Nametapes, CAP tapes, ranks, and MD Wing patches
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Майор Хаткевич

I've got a nasty bug of some kind, but need to update this before I forget.

Placed order on Sunday Night with free shipping.
On the 19th label generated, and presumably order was ready.
Handed to UPS for 2nd Day delivery on Wednesday.
On Friday, order arrived.
Everything was there and everything was accurate.

I believe that makes this a third large, successful order since 2011.

Thanks again to VG!

As a side note, wasn't going to pay more than $1 for a US Reversed flag, so ordered those and name tapes elsewhere. Screwed up and got the wrong tape color! Doh!