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"Its Stolen And I Know It"

Started by NIN, September 20, 2012, 12:46:03 AM

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It's Stolen and I Know It
With obvious due apologies to LMFAO.  I am proud to say I own some of Ranger Up's t-shirts.

(*note* Tiny use of the brown word early on in the video)
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I love how he's an O-4 on the shoulder, an E-6 on the sleeve and what looks like an E-8 1st Sgt on the collar! Awesome.

Can any of our cadets beat that rack?  :)


That was great.  OI love how they say that it is the actions of a bunch of wanna be's who made their video possible.  Those idiots that want to walk around like some big war hero and aren't should be put in a room with some real vets and AD people for about 20 minutes.  I bet 50 bucks their fake uniform would be gone and they would have more bruises than a man trying to keep a pregnant woman from a bathroom.