2007 National Staff College

Started by Chappie, January 17, 2007, 07:25:59 PM

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Mark your calendars:  The dates for National Staff College (Maxwell AFB) this year are October 13-20.   

National Staff College is the capstone course in professional development.  Held annually at CAP National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, NSC is designed for members who are, or will be, assuming positions of regional or national importance within CAP.

NSC is taught by senior CAP leaders and USAF instructors from Air University, the curriculum challenges students in the areas of executive leadership, management, organizational behavior, and policy formulation.  Much time is spent examining CAP's national-level operations.  Students engage in seminar discussions, case studies, and exercises throughout the seven day course.

Because of the graduate-level design of NSC, as well as its focus on national-level operations, attendance at National Staff College is restricted to those members who hold the grade of Major (or above), who have completed CAP's Region Staff College (or equivalent), and who have the endorsement of their wing commander.

Brochure/registration has not been published or posted yet....but the dates are. 
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