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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 01:04:58 AM 
Started by Ethan Larsen - Last post by SarDragon
I believe the encampment portion is entered by the encampment staff for all participants after the completion of the event.

If you didn't get credit you'll probably have to submit your graduation certificate to NHQ.

AFAIK, encampments are entered at NHQ from the CAPF 20 submitted by the encampment commander.

 on: Today at 12:58:12 AM 
Started by xray328 - Last post by SarDragon
And I think we're done here.


 on: Yesterday at 11:49:52 PM 
Started by Cadet Aviator - Last post by Spam
Without a mission number and an IC, you're not really having a SAREX... (a numbered AFAM). Your use of that term was probably prompting some of our comments back to you.

Suggest that you just call it an FTX (field training exercise). There's nothing at all wrong with having a unit training day (day only or overnight) without an Incident Commander and USAF mission number, but just be advised that (a) you can't claim training mission credit for it, (b) don't do it without your unit commanders insight and approval, and (c) ensure that you've followed regulatory requirements for senior member escorts and CAPR 52-16 provisions for safety planning and reporting if your training plan includes activities (like rappelling) which are high adventure activities (HAA) requiring Wing/CC review and approval. As you increase the scope/intensity of your training, the program requirements for oversight and approval increase as well... start with baby steps, keep your commander in the loop, and train safely to standards.

Again, best of luck. I've done similar things mixing ES training with fun... e.g. having my team sign out of the mission and go to the pool or beach before going home, per the pre-mission parental brief (which is now encompassed in the Form 32 required for your events). And no, we did not surf in VC pajamas... because "Charlie don't surf".

Couple of other thoughts:
1. Is missing hiker SAR a frequent thing in your AO, or are you just fishing for a scenario? My advice: make it realistic to what your Wing is doing, otherwise you're just play acting and wasting time.

2. On your DOS gap (DO is ops officer mail code, DOS is code for the ES officer). That position for senior members is really for a training MANAGER, not necessarily for an officer fully qualified in any/all specialties. If your unit has someone who is good with paperwork/planning and records keeping, and if they're motivated, that might be the right guy/girl for the job - go discuss with your commander. And you, cadet, have just the right attitude to serve as his/her cadet ES officer (ask your CO to appoint you in eServices, duty assignment module). Staff service including under studying a position like this is required for your Phase IV completion. So, if you don't get somebody in the job at your unit, start looking at Group or Wing level, asap, for mentoring to help "grow the business" in your unit.  We'd love to help you here on CT, but we're just voices on the other side of a screen - you need local help.


 on: Yesterday at 11:30:58 PM 
Started by whatevah - Last post by DemonOps
Hi everyone! I'm a mom helping her 12yo son brand new to CAP. We have a zillion questions and are finding answers digging around here and various CAP sites. (Searching before asking!) My C/Am is super motivated and got his Curry in about 30 days. Right now we are waiting on his order from Vanguard to get his uniforms complete and he'll really feel ready to go. He joined because he loves all things planes and flying but has found he really loves the military aspect. We are postponing encampment until Winter here in TX, so that will be his next big hurdle beyond continuing to study and advance. We have a great group in Apollo Composite Squadron in Georgetown TX!

I joined CAP when I was fourteen, back in 1974 and except for eight years, I've been in CAP for over 28 years..  I've worked with cadets for most of my time in CAP.  Advice?  Make a deal with your son regarding his participation in CAP.  If he wants to do sports, then pick one, just one.  Then make some award or motivation for your son to make the most contribution as he can to his squadron.  Work hard, make sure he goes to summer encampment as soon as he can.  Try to get promoted at least three times a year (the more he learns, the more he'll be able to contribute to CAP, his community and ultimately to his nation).  Yes, I happen to believe children who go through the program are more than three times likely to attend some form of higher education.  All will achieve their goals because CAP trains cadets to plan, to achieve, and to assess risks.  If I may, I encourage you to get your information about CAP by going to the publications site of the national hq and read what the regs say, then ask groups like CAPTalk only after you've tried to find the answers yourself.  Never let anyone tell you "It's in the regs" because regs change.  You read all the regs about the cadet program, personnel and safety and you'll be way ahead of everyone else.  Finally, once in awhile 'clicks' happen.  Don't let it happen.  If your son feels he's not being treated fairly, he should use his chain of command.  Plus, if some cadet is in your son's way, encourage him to pass some tests and overtake the cadet standing in his way.  Do more than what is expected, try to network with other squadrons by participating in squadron, group, and wing activities. Make friends with friendly cadets.  I wish you luck.  CAP, when run correctly, has the best program for teens out there.  Plus we're the only organization, mandated by congress to actually help people.  Help find lost pilots or hikers or the elderly person who wonders away from their nursing home (actually, congress has only mandated we assist the AF look for lost or missing aircraft...) :-)

 on: Yesterday at 11:24:21 PM 
Started by DemonOps - Last post by Spam
I assume you mean that the paragraphs aren't numbered?

(Oops, half time is over, back to the Copa Oro semifinal... USA! USA!)!


 on: Yesterday at 11:02:32 PM 
Started by DemonOps - Last post by DemonOps
I visited our national h.q. website tonight (yes, it's Saturday, wife is away in California, I'm home with two labs, being distracted by The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox, and I don't have a life) was looking for the Safety page so I can complete the no-longer-required monthly safety review so I can make my safety officer happy, when I read the Safety Risk Management letter from our organization's commander, dated last March, when it hit me...

This official memorandum for letter is not formatted correctly  Really?

The first person to write back to tell me the very first thing you notice that is soooo wrong with the letter, you'd have my undying respect.

Warmly, Dave

 on: Yesterday at 09:51:56 PM 
Started by zippy - Last post by etodd
AFISRA is called 25 AF now.

I'm not sure what you're looking for here. CAP doesn't have an intelligence mission in the traditional use of the word.

IMO there's room for one (things like radar analysis, ntap and cell team notwithstanding...)
But I think we have enough irons in the fire.  It would have to provide enough value to core missions to justify itself.

We could probably stand some, uh, professionalization in the realm of setting up our collection decks.
And we have a pretty large crowd from which to crowdsource things, that is going mostly untapped right now.

Seems to me something so specialized needs full time paid folks. That will be there in a moments notice. We can plenty of folks to choose from to chase an ELT or take photos. But highly specialized areas, not so sure.

A related question.  The cell phone team does some incredible work, but how large is the team? How many are being trained to take their place when they retire or become unable?

 on: Yesterday at 09:40:16 PM 
Started by Cadet Aviator - Last post by Cadet Aviator

Again thank you for the help. I have been trying to fill in our ESO gap head on (we are currently missing an ESO and have no one qualified to fill in for it as of yet) as the Cadet ESO. I understand you saying that I should not come up with an operation on the "fly" and that is not what I intend to do. As with the number of smaller SAREXs I have planned (I have planned a number of unit level SAREXs on a small scale) I want to make sure things are thoroughly planned out such as who will be there, that we are in compliance with regs, etc. My idea of using the nerf war was not to have an actual mission but more of a fun, squadron activity, without a mission number to try and increase recruitment as we are in a bit of a "drought" when it comes to the numbers of personnel that we have. I definitely agree that the nerf idea shouldnt be used for an official SAREX and I think I will stick with the missing hiker scenario with a PLB (not EPIRB ha-ha I always call it that....).

 on: Yesterday at 09:00:13 PM 
Started by jfkspotting - Last post by PHall
What about black boots that aren't meant to be shined?

I've got my eye on a couple (one Danner and one Lowa) that are non-polishable. If I have to wear boots that look stupid with ABUs, I might as well get the low-maintenance aspect of sage boots.

Well the Updated ABU Authorization Letter just says "Black Combat Boots". Which is exactly what is authorized in the current 39-1 for BDU's.
So if you can legally wear them with BDU's then they're good for wear in ABU's too.

 on: Yesterday at 08:15:39 PM 
Started by xray328 - Last post by Eclipse

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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