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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Yesterday at 05:50:40 PM 
Started by Talenne@gmail.com - Last post by abdsp51
If a cadet has completed all requirements for promotion, passed drill test, pt, aced both exams, mentors new cadets, is one of the few active cadets and attends all events as well as wing events when they can afford to, how long can the Cadet Senior Commander delay hitting the promotion button in e services. It is after sixty days and the cadet was advised they did not need to do a pass and review because of their active involvement.

What is a pass and review????? This is usually a drill item...  Can you clarify? 
This question has been brushed off by local chain of command.  The senior commander is also insisting the Wright Brothers certificate comes from National headquarters when it clearly states the squadron prints from eservices in CAP documentation.   I have searched the CAP manuals I have downloaded and can find nothing on pending promotions.

Brushed off by who?  Leadership Officer? Deputy Commander for Cadets? Squadron Commander?

I am not the cadet but am an advocate on their behalf.  The cadet worked very hard to make Technical Sergeant before the Encampment Staff deadline.  Is there any written policy that more clearly defines this situation.

And to whom are you in relation to the cadet?  To many "advocates" tend to be the cadet themselves, another cadet or a parent who doesn't want to say that is who they are and generally only provide details to make themselves look good.  If you are not the cadet in question, or the cadets parents this really isn't something you should be concerned with. 

To answer you're overall question if all requirements have been complete IE:

1) Leadership Test
2) AE Test
3) PT Test
4) Comprehensive test (If a milestone achievement)
5) Promotion board (based on a CAPF50 for specific level)

Then there should be no delay unless the reasoning is there and it was documented on the CAPF50 as to why the cadet will not be promoted.  You claim to have searched the regs and manuals yet the process is spelled out as to what is needed for a cadet to promote. 

If you are the cadet in question or a parent you need to talk to the CC and ask why.  If nothing then you move up to the GP.  But best have your ducks in a row and documented prior to going up. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:49:27 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by Ned
Typo catch:
" Monitoring Weather Conditions. When cadet activities take place outside a military installation and temperatures are forecast to be below 45O F [sic], commanders and activity directors will monitor the wind chill temperature at least every 3 hours".

Awesome. At 450 degrees Farenheit, at least the injury forms we're filling out won't ignite.   >:D

That's interesting, but I think it is more of a display / font issue than a typo. 

When I look at it, I see "below 45o ".  Which is I'm pretty sure is correct.  I'm guessing that it is displaying differently for you, with the superscript "o" showing either as a capital "O" or a 0, but can't guess the reason.

Is it displaying oddly for anyone else?

 on: Yesterday at 04:48:09 PM 
Started by SLOWR426 - Last post by etodd

On a side note..... the blue/grey corporate uniform needs a serious revamp.  its just ugly and looks like something that got on a time machine out of the 1980s.

Please no. I shudder to think what might would replace it. Oh my!

Polos are timeless. So not sure what you mean. Whether casual wear on the weekend personal time or as employee uniform shirts for millions of folks, polos are still the choice very often.

 on: Yesterday at 04:47:08 PM 
Started by Talenne@gmail.com - Last post by wacapgh
There is no "Double Secret Probation"

By regulations, if a Cadet is to be "Sustained in Grade" - that is not promoted - the reasons why and what behavior needs to changed, MUST be put in writing:

CAPR 52-16. 5-2, e

e. Sustaining a Cadet in Grade. Commanders may sustain a promotion-eligible cadet in grade if the cadetís performance or maturity does not demonstrate an ability to accept increased responsibility commensurate with the promotion. Using the CAPF 50, Cadet Leadership Feedback, the commander (or deputy commander) will offer constructive feed-back to help the cadet develop his/her leadership skills. The commander must also schedule a follow-up review to be held within 60 days.

 on: Yesterday at 04:43:58 PM 
Started by etodd - Last post by etodd
Was this a funded mission or were crews footing their own bills for the flying?

Fully funded flying. And a nice free buffet lunch on top. Cost me nothing but my time. Looking forward to it again next month.

 on: Yesterday at 04:25:49 PM 
Started by ARGNC145 - Last post by wacapgh
Both are known as the Blue Service Uniform (Class B).

As TheSkyHornet says, only the short sleeve Class B is required per CAPM-39-1:

1.2. Wear of the CAP Uniform.
 1.2.1. Individual members will obtain and maintain for wear either of the minimum basic uniforms
described here. These combinations meet the requirements of most CAP events. A commander may
require cadets to wear other optional uniform items only if the purchase is voluntary (such as requiring a
specific uniform for participation in a National Cadet Special Activity) or if the uniform is supplied
without expense to the cadet. Minimum USAF-style Uniform: The minimum basic USAF-style uniform is the
Blue Service Uniform (Class B) with short sleeve shirt (male) or blouse (female) as appropriate. Cadets
authorized to wear the USAF-style uniform are required to maintain this uniform.

What 1.2.1 means is that to attend your regular unit meetings, you have to provide your own Class B short-sleeve uniform. If your unit want's to require ties, long-sleeve shirts, Class A uniforms, BDU's, or ABU's they will have to provide them to you for free.

However, if you choose to go to an optional activity - summer encampment, an NSCA, Emergency Services training/missions, or volunteer for a color or honor guard then you have to provide the uniforms for that activity yourself.

 on: Yesterday at 03:48:30 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by Eclipse
There is no issue to "revisit".

 on: Yesterday at 03:34:17 PM 
Started by Talenne@gmail.com - Last post by Spam
PS, tell the cadet to point out that if the Commander, on review, determines that he was promotion eligible on a certain date, he would respectfully request that his date of rank (the promotion date) be set at that date. This is due to no fault of his own, and he should ask for this to help him with time in grade for his next promotion.


 on: Yesterday at 03:32:26 PM 
Started by Talenne@gmail.com - Last post by Spam
I agree with Eclipse (it has been known to happen!), this is serious enough to complain about.

Minor points -

1. I'd suggest that not Mom, but the cadet him/herself needs to be "weaponed up" and motivated to stand up for him/herself.

2. There's no such person as the "Cadet Senior Commander". I'd assume you meant Squadron Commander (the adult unit commander, who is responsible for the promotion action). The buck needs to stop there, so that is where the cadet needs to work the point actively... through his/her cadet chain of command, request an interview with the Commander to discuss it. If the cadet doesn't get the requested interview or gets stonewalled again, then he/she should tell the Squadron Commander that he is submitting a formal complaint to the Group Commander.

Best of luck - advise the cadet to not let them kick that can further down the street, hoping he'll give up.

 on: Yesterday at 03:23:37 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by Spam

" Uniforms. In cold weather, commanders and activity directors will prioritize protection
from the elements over adherence to CAP uniform standards.

So that closes that particular discussion.

In no way does this new section close discussion of compliance with CAPM 39-1.

What this says to me is that activity directors should prioritize member safety outdoors over adherence to a specific uniform of the day (UOD). Examples of applying this could include:

  • Allow members to have the freedom to travel to/report in/depart while wearing warm and safe civilian clothing, rather than require members to purchase USAF style outer wear, or violate existing and approved 39-1 prohibitions against mixing USAF style and civilian clothing. Members can then wear the UOD at the activity.
  • Relaxing adherence to a specified uniform of the day, to include a wider range of acceptable uniforms (e.g. ABU/BDUs with coat, rather than the less common Class A blues coats, or corporates of varying types for adults over 18).

Read otherwise, as a license to mix civilian clothing with USAF style clothes, this would imply a direct and conscious effort by the CP staff to create disharmony with and undermine CAPM 39-1 provisions on the issue. I don't believe that's the case.  I'm of course open to revisiting the issue should NHQ issue a coordinated revision to 39-1 *(with CAP-USAF concurrence) to eliminate requirements for correct wear of USAF style uniforms without civilian gear.


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