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March 25, 2017, 03:46:23 AM
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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 03:39:21 AM 
Started by GaryVC - Last post by Mordecai
Currently awarded decorations are entered by the senior/cadet registrar at NHQ at Maxwell AFB. Older decorations must have copies of the certificate or the personnel action submitted to NHQ. The commander/admin/personnel officer at wing level or higher usually has access to the module for decorations for review and approval. Once approved, the decoration will appear in the member's personnel file on eServices.

I have a stack of older decorations for myself and another SM in my squadron I need to submit. Do you have a quick outline of the process by any chance?

 on: Today at 03:28:00 AM 
Started by Mordecai - Last post by Mordecai
Blast. The answer is literally on the next line.

I'll read the whole thing before I ask any more questions about it.

 on: Today at 03:26:54 AM 
Started by Mordecai - Last post by Mordecai
Insomnia sucks. It makes you dig into things like IRS documents in hunt of sleep.

Reading the most recent IRS form 990 filed by CAP, when I got to the Part 8, line 1b is where membership dues are supposed to be.

That line is blank.

Am I misunderstanding what is supposed to go in that line, or shouldn't the answer to that be at least a couple million dollars?

 on: Today at 12:54:00 AM 
Started by McDaddy2003 - Last post by McDaddy2003
I noticed VG stopped selling white on ultramarine blue cloth insignias recently.... does anyone have Cadet Major insignia available?

Thank you.

 on: Yesterday at 09:14:45 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by kcebnaes
A statement from our Wing memorandum on inactive members:
"Unit Commanders will make a list of members which have been inactive for a period of ninety (90) continuous days....." It goes on to talk about how they will be transferred to an inactive roster and out of the unit.

I don't think I'm your Group CC, but I know I'm in your Wing. If you want to be technical, with the new regulations last year, that Memo is null and void. We currently don't have a supplement regarding that, only about awards and aircraft maintenance. What I suggest is to flat out call the cadet's parents and say if he doesn't start showing up, he'll get the 2b. That way, it doesn't come as a surprise. I'd also advise your Group CC just to be safe.

 on: Yesterday at 08:15:23 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by Spam

Then your answer could be to play the Vicomte de Valmont: just cite policy. It is, after all, beyond your control.  :)

"But, my son was... but, but butbutbut..." - "Ma'am, CAP and Wing policy clearly direct us to remove nonparticipants to focus our scant volunteer time and effort on cadets who actually are regular, who are participating, and who make CAP their priority". Couple that with "We'd love to have your delightful child back with us, and would consider their application to transfer back into the unit after they demonstrate some consistent attendance for _______ weeks as a visitor, in order to show their commitment to the 'attend unit meetings regularly' element of the Cadet Oath which they swore upon joining".

The world is filled with people who nod and smile, say "Inshallah!" "some day soon!", or such, but who may have little to no intent to actually do as requested (or as they say). In many such cases, "Inshallah", or "I plan on coming back" are equivocal statements which allow the individual to put polite but potentially meaningless noises out of their mouth at you to gain a momentary advantage while persuading themselves that they're in the right. If you've ever dealt with manipulators (hey, go audit any 12 step program!!!) you can see real masters at this. You must preserve the program against the dilettantes, and the manipulators who are raising them, by being firm, and setting the limits that so many American citizens are not being raised to deal with.

So, just nod and smile right back, and tell them that you will be happy to reinstate/request a transfer back from the 000 unit for their dear little child when they've built a record of 90 days (or whatever) of consistent attendance as a visitor.


 on: Yesterday at 07:14:45 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by TheSkyHornet
I lean greatly to what Eclipse said, as well as FW, on the point regarding how those school activities and motivations interlink with their CAP participation requirements.

My issue with: "Any school-related activity is considered an excused absence." Okay, how long does that last for?

If you're in the school play this month, and next month you have band every week on our meeting night, and the three months after that sports, and the follow three months the sports of the next season, and then come and tell me during June that you have a family trip out of town.....at some point in here, you're no longer an active member of CAP. There needs to be a line drawn. 

If someone attends for 2 months and is absent for 10 months, are they still a CAP member? So long as they communicate their anticipated absence and keep their membership renewed. That seems to be very subjective. "Hey, I won't be here for the next 6 months." "Okay, no problem. Let us know when you return." After 6 months: "Hey, I won't be here for the next 4 months." Why are you still in CAP at that point? If you don't show up at the meeting for months at a time, and you don't participate in weekend activities (whether squadron-hosted, Wing-hosted, or National-level), and you don't communicate attendance, and then randomly one day say "I plan to come back; I've just been busy," where in there do you cut the loss and just bump them out?

To give another example here, we have a C/CMSgt on our roster who told us well in advance that he wanted to go on hiatus during the early 2017 months due to athletics. He was very active, and wanted to know what his role would be outside of the meeting. "I can participate online." We're not an online program; come on. We keep him in the loop on everything via email, and now and then he still communicates. We had an event one Monday evening; he showed up. We had an event one Saturday evening; he showed up. He can't make Thursdays; fair enough. Depending on how the team does through Spring, he may come back in May, he may come back in June. It is what it is. But when he comes back, I don't see why he can't return to an available duty position. I've had some of the senior cadets say, "He shouldn't get a duty position; he doesn't show up to meeting." I disagree. When he comes back, that's not an issue. He has no record of not participating. 

I have another C/CMSgt who doesn't communicate attendance. Every week, it's "he didn't respond to my email or return my call" from his Element Leader and Flight Sergeant. I know mom from when she was in CAP. We sort of became friends when she was in, but have more or less lost touch since she dropped her membership. Anyway, she straight up told me that her other sons have sports the same night. I asked her, "Is CAP not as important?" "That's right. I have to be there for their games." Fine. It's not my kid. "Is there any way to get him a ride? Dad? Grandma?" No, no, and no, of course. Yet her answer is still "He plans to come back eventually." And that's where this topic comes back into play. He's not the only one in a similar position, but that's a perfect example for this case.

A statement from our Wing memorandum on inactive members:
"Unit Commanders will make a list of members which have been inactive for a period of ninety (90) continuous days....." It goes on to talk about how they will be transferred to an inactive roster and out of the unit.

But that comes with a consequence:
"How dare you kick my son out!"

That statement is much easier responded to on a message board than it is when mom brings her son to the meeting and we have an awkward moment.

So on one end, I get pinged with "Our performance percentages are low because of inactive members," whether safety education, physical fitness, or what have you. On the other end, "We plan on coming back."

At this point, I've basically been told, "We'll do whatever you think we should do." Personally, I vote Gilligan off the island. But there's always that thought in the back of my head of "What if they start showing up again?" It's never happened before. We've 2B'd two cadets in the past for inactivity. Only one of them actually ended up falling off our roster (which was odd), before we realized that there was a Wing instruction specifically not to do that. One of those cadets, we actually ran into before her membership expired, and dad was all excited to start showing back up (they never did of course---it's been 6 months since we last saw them outside of CAP).

Our Group Commander is visiting soon; I'm essentially planning on putting it in his hands (he'll probably read this anyway). But for when we have those periods when he isn't visiting and this discussion isn't as convenient as that, it's a paradox. What to do, what to do.... I'm fine with ditching the cargo, until I get the phone call three days later, "Why did you kick my kid out?!"

 on: Yesterday at 05:46:55 PM 
Started by GaryVC - Last post by Capt_Redfox30
I find that not all of the awards and decorations show up. Not every Encampment Ribbon is listed, nor Community Service Ribbon, nor Red Service Ribbon, despite the forms being sent out and acknowledged that they were received. So either someone isn't entering them, or eServices (behind-the-scenes) doesn't accommodate them to be entered.

You really need to keep track of awards at the unit level. I equate it to a DD214. Good luck on everything being correct.

Those are service ribbons and NOT decorations. They are not tracked by eServices and must be tracked in the members personnel file.

Encampment?  I suppose if the Unit is so inclined, but it's not necessary as the encampment itself is tracked - people do love their paperwork, though.

I was highlighting that mostly to say that it is an activity/service award, not a decoration. Technically, there should be a 2A in the member's file for the encampment award, but I agree that it's mostly academic for that award.

It's inexplicable as to why some jelly beans are in there and some aren't, to the detriment of the membership, the prolonged life of the Form 45
(which should already be long dead and buried), and the "not making things easier" realm of administering a unit.

If it can be awarded and worn, it should be in there.

I couldn't agree more. There should be a 2A form in eServices; just copy the base code from the 120 app and then change the actual award name, done.

I agree. Put all of the actions online. Paper is so 1994....

Agreed, as a former Wing Director of Professional Development, it was lobbied for years for them to add an attachment feature so you could add documents in the PD Award Entry system so you can track something like I don't know conference attendance. Yes there is a box to enter dates, but if you could upload a document to prove that you attended that would be so much easier than having to go through Wing files, or send an email with proof attached that you were there. 

 on: Yesterday at 04:14:34 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by FW
CAP opportunities come with expectations.

They sure do, and a cadet who is not communicative with their squadron proactively is looking for problems.  There is an old saying; "If your interested, you make time".  Any member who just disappears for weeks at a time is not really interested in the program.  I'm not buying excuses.  CAP is a commitment, and there are expectations.  Help in achieving them should always be available, however we can't force it.  I have no problem with removing a cadet's membership if all "motivation" attempts fail...

 on: Yesterday at 02:47:17 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by chuckmilam
You want to really break a kid?  Punch his ticket through a diamond and then put him into a position of authority over other cadets who actually did the work.
On the other hand, this is a great life lesson about the harsh realities of adult life.

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