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May 23, 2018, 10:21:35 PM
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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 12:09:24 PM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by THRAWN
Repeating history I see. And of course someone got a com medal for being a good idea fairy.

Thought I was reading an old article...

 on: Today at 11:12:10 AM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by abdsp51
Repeating history I see. And of course someone got a com medal for being a good idea fairy.

 on: Today at 10:39:00 AM 
Started by NIN - Last post by NIN
There's less 50-year members than you might think.  Not enough to account for the growth.


 on: Today at 10:17:40 AM 
Started by TheSkyHornet - Last post by TheSkyHornet
Air Force Magazine:
Mountain Home to Test New Air Combat Command Wing Structure

​The 366th Fighter Wing at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, this month will start testing a new organizational structure, removing commanders, cutting a group, and realigning maintenance units to make the wing more deployable.

The structure, which stemmed from Air Combat Command boss Gen. Mike Holmes, will remove four colonels from their roles as group commanders and a colonel vice commander, and instead have squadron commanders report directly to the wing commander. Two wing deputy commanders will help evaluate squadron operations and deconflict decisions, according to an Air Combat Command release. This move delegates group commander authorities down to the squadron level as a step to "build strong leaders and create a direct supervisory line from the squadron commander to the wing commander," ACC said in a statement to Air Force Magazine.

The reorganization eliminates the 366th Maintenance Group and the 366th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and instead each aircraft maintenance unit for each fighter squadron will align with the fighter squadrons themselves. This will provide a "unity of effort through a director of maintenance having oversight of sortie generation and support for that squadron's operations," according to ACC. Maintenance officers in the Equipment and Component Maintenance Squadron now report to the wing instead of the maintenance group. This also goes for the mission support squadron.

The commander of the medical group will now be the Wing Surgeon General, keeping readiness and family advocacy functions and command authorities for medical squadrons. These can be pushed down to the squadrons over time.

The wing will also provide an "A-staff" under a chief of staff to coordinate between higher headquarters for training and equipping.

This test is "manning neutral," meaning there will not be "appreciable gains or losses" in manning at Mountain Home, ACC said in the statement. The wing is working with the union office, the Civilian Personnel Office, and the Air Force Personnel Center to plan personnel actions, such as performance reports, awards, and duties among others. The test will not impact enlisted airmen below the level of chief master sergeant, ACC said.

The Mountain Home experiment is "about our desire to improve lethality and create an environment where leaders are empowered to lead and squadron personnel can focus on their core missions," Holmes said in the release

Mountain Home was selected for the test because it is a "one base/one wing" arrangement—there is not an integrated reserve element or an Air Base Wing tasked with running the base.

"This made the 366 FW a relatively clean test case that would help us learn lessons about whether and how to apply structural changes to more complicated organizations," ACC spokesman Capt. Luke Nimmo said in a statement.

The move is the latest in a series of steps by the Air Force to revitalize the squadrons in the service, one of Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein's top three focus areas. It is an attempt by Holmes to "find a better way" to breathe new life into squadrons through the command structure, according to ACC.


 on: Today at 10:11:57 AM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by TheSkyHornet
It's been preferred that seniors working with cadets wear the Air Force-style uniform as a "lead by example" model and to enforce uniformity among the cadet ranks as a training tool. This is a challenge in an organization which has both an active, operational mission and a youth leadership program because we have uniform sets that highly vary across the work arena in such a small locale.

From the military side, you have a field uniform, service dress, a flight uniform, and a number of distinctive operational uniforms that are visibly different from the norm depending on the AO. CAP has incorporated a similar thought process, which works, but it's visibly so intermixed at the local level. On the military front, you're generally going to see the garrison in similar attire on a single day, albeit some exceptions due to work detail. But, usually, if one person is in fatigues, everyone else in the office is in fatigues. If one person is in service dress, everyone is in service dress. With CAP, we opted away from distinctive uniforms (e.g., whites in the summer vs. blues in the winter, dessert camo vs. foliage, etc.), and brought in the corporate wear which was reserved for members who elected to wear them or did not meet H&W standards. It sort of corrupted the military mindset (and let's not get into the "changing the uniform every time someone sneezes" topic).

JROTC and other paramilitary youth organizations wear a military-style uniform, whether reflective of an active-use (in service) uniform or retired (phased out) uniform. Sea Cadets wear NWUs. Young Marines wear BDUs. Army JROTC cadet wear ACUs. Air Force JROTC cadets wear ABUs. They each wear a service dress uniform respective of the 'mother branch.' CAP is not abnormal here.

No, CAP does not need a camouflage uniform to conduct SAR missions. Neither does the Air Force. Still, their flight crews wear OD flight suits or camouflage for domestic SAR. It's not an abnormal concept. It's the same uniform they'd wear on a deployment. That said, CAP is not deployed to international combat zones; we don't 'need' to stay concealed.

But, by logic, if we're going to have a cadet corps that wears a military-style uniform in all aspects of the program, why not the senior corps in all aspects of their missions? Uniformity is just that.

What I think we should do currently, before any uniforms change, is hold unit commanders to enforce existing standards. If the regulations state the conditions under which the uniform is or is not worn, that should be upheld. We seem to have a tough time, in some instances, having people correctly wear their uniform as it currently exists. There are far too many people who cannot maintain grooming standards for the uniform which they elect to wear, and it goes uncorrected. There are far too many people who do not meet H&W for the uniform which they elect to wear, and it goes uncorrected. Switching to a common-type uniform does not address that, absent of waiving all standards and getting rid of them.

 on: Today at 10:07:26 AM 
Started by Starbird - Last post by THRAWN
I got accepted into Norwich Corps of Cadets after I left Active Duty... the ROTC recruiter told me not to bother, as I would have more military experience and combat experience than any ROTC instructor there.

Just like any former enlisted member with combat experience. What they did have, and what you didn't, was the gold bars at the end of the rainbow. That's the worst advice I ever heard from anybody, and I've heard some real doozies....

 on: Today at 10:00:09 AM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by jeders
If all you are seeing is Air Force cosplay, there are other orgs that might suit you better.

Seniors have no need to wear USAF uniforms if they don't want to. No blues. No ABUs. No OCPs.


If you don't want to wear the AF-style uniforms, then don't. If you do want to and you meet the requirements, then do. It's just that simple.

 on: Today at 08:39:44 AM 
Started by NIN - Last post by FW
I would think the "growing" number of senior members are, in some part, due to the growing numbers of non dues paying 50 year (really senior) members.  After 41 years of membership, I'm still somewhat active, but part of my motivation is making it to the magic number 50...   >:D

 on: Today at 06:43:27 AM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by ColonelJack
If all you are seeing is Air Force cosplay, there are other orgs that might suit you better.

Seniors have no need to wear USAF uniforms. No blues. No ABUs. No OCPs.



 on: Today at 12:09:35 AM 
Started by etodd - Last post by PhoenixRisen
You both seem to describe Edward Snowden's tactics to a "T".

Edward Snowden was no computer espionage pioneer... that’s just standard social engineering 101.

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