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Started by Dwight Dutton, June 12, 2021, 05:57:59 pm

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Dwight Dutton

As long as they are making changes to the WIMIRS system that degrade its usability, how about one that actually might make it better?

I am currently AOBD for Cadet O-Rides, and the status board for the mission they are on is flooded with "Late" sorties some of which ended months ago.  They remain on the list because nobody made any comm entries for them at all.

I would like the option to hide anything over a certain age.  Or just fix it at 72 or even 96 hours.  I have to scroll through over a hundred entries every 10 minutes (at least) to get to where my flights are, as every time it updates it goes back to the earliest flight on the list which was eight months ago now.
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Thats similar to my request to limit the ground sortie page like the (now old) air sortie page.

Our COVID ground mission had several hundred sorties and you'd click the ground sorties page and you might as well go get a cup of coffee while it populated. If we could have limited the sortie display to one day, then the whole process of creating and managing sorties would have gone 200x better.

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