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Contingency ICPs

Started by Ranger75, August 15, 2020, 04:39:34 pm

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After having let my membership lapse for a number of years due to the demands of my profession, I admit to having lost the bubble on a number of CAP's programs and initiatives.  Participating in yesterday's conference OPS/ES overview presentation, reference was made to enhancing capabilities of a limited number of "our ICPs".  I perceived that the context of the statement referred to a small number of established, geographically dispersed contingency ICP staffs.  Am I correct in my assumption?  Further, mention was also made of a virtual national-level stand-by ICP staff.  Having  previously earned qualification as an IC, both subjects are of personal interest.  Where would I find additional information?


Virtual Incident Command Post (vICP) presentation which starts in like 2 mins....


Most "ICPs" are the IC's kitchen table, moving to the garage or the basement at the local church
when things expend.

Many wings have a trailer that serves this purpose, but use is generally based on someone being willing to
get it, and being able to drive it.  WIWG has their own EM-50 (or at least did).

A lot of wings have an ICP or similiar shared space in their wing HQ, which is generally acquired based
con happenstance and benevolence vs. any strategic plan. The ICPs are often left dark and empty during
SARExs and even real-worlds due to either location or CAP-USAFs insistence that the IC be in proximity to
operations (which of course isn't how the real-world works, Cheyenne doesn't move when to the AO, etc).

NHWG has a very nice setup maintained at some expense and considerable effort by the local staff.

But "established" ICPs?  No.


Thanks for the replies.  I did catch the conference presentation on virtual ICPs.  Unfortunately, technical difficulties with the audio precluded gaining much value.  I'll have to review the recording when available.  Eclipse - My query is less about facilities than staffing.  I'm use to utilizing what can be had, rather than a prepared site.  My interest is whether there is contingency staffing maintained for regional or national-level SAR/DR response, either physical or virtual.  If so, how does one express an interest in participating?


The recording isn't available yet; I just checked for you.

But the seminar has some good thoughts on what's been working as far as virtual ICPs.  It's clear this is a growing topic and some things are in their infancy.


We had a live mission last year where the incident commander, the planning section and the finance section were all remote while air and ground ops worked out of a mission base at the local FBO.


Having contingent locations can be task-heavy and expensive (or at least more so than having just one location), but the best practice would be to have a "collapsible" or "unpacked" ICP/EOC.

Be able to pick up the boxes/tote bins and move them to the new location.

Our EOC at work has a primary and a secondary location. All of the equipment can be moved, if needed. The toughest part for us is having designated phone lines, but, if need be, we can go Skype-based or start the hotspots.

A virtual ICP can be a good substitute; although, it always still helps to have a physical command center with an information wall and multiple monitors/screens. Many people don't have multiple computer monitors, and so it's tough to sift through the mass amount of information that can be displayed in various formats. For our virtual EOC interfacing (since we meet in-person and have a virtual link with our code share partners), we use software like Veoci to record and share all information.