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June 23, 2018, 11:33:55 PM
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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Yesterday at 12:24:13 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by darkmatter
thanks for the regs being include in the your response Eclipse

 on: Yesterday at 12:09:04 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by Eclipse
Levels III, IV, and V are approved at the wing level.

CAPR 50-17, Page 23

"a. Application. Upon completion of all Level V professional development requirements,
the unitís PDO records the data on the memberís CAPF 45. The unit PDO or unit commander
completes an application for the Wilson Award using the online Professional Development
Awards Module in eServices. This application will be forwarded through the chain of command
for approval by the wing and region commanders. When approved, NHQ/DPR forwards the
certificate to the wing commander for presentation at an appropriate ceremony. Ribbons are
purchased through Vanguard."

 on: Yesterday at 12:00:10 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by CAP_truth
Levels III, IV, and V are approved at the wing level. 

 on: Yesterday at 10:26:22 AM 
Started by I_Am_Twigs - Last post by Ned
I have had a chance to speak with the IDWG leadership, and it sounds like they have an outstanding encampment planned.  I would love to visit and see it, but I have a conflict with another CAP activity.

It appears that there was a miscommunication in their website and outreach materials, because all student cadets who meet the standards outlined in the 60-1 will be welcomed, including all cadets with disabilities that can be reasonably accommodated.  IDWG had set aspirational PT goals to help ensure that all cadets will succeed, but even cadets not meeting the aspirational goals will be welcome

I believe they will be updating their website and outreach materials to eliminate any confusion.

Ned Lee
National CP Manager

 on: Yesterday at 10:22:57 AM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by MSG Mac
Wing level for III and IV, Region for Level V

 on: Yesterday at 08:58:31 AM 
Started by OldGuy - Last post by Cliff_Chambliss
A little respect here would go a long way.  President Trump has a title and good manners say it should be used.

 on: Yesterday at 07:42:22 AM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by darkmatter
I am getting to complete my Senior level rating which is the last thing I'm missing for my level 3, when I submit for my Level 3 how high up does it have to go i.e. does it only need to make it to my squadron commander or does it need to go up the the wing commanders desk. f.y.i. there are no groups in my wing.

 on: Yesterday at 01:38:27 AM 
Started by Holding Pattern - Last post by Holding Pattern
I can attest to this being amazingly accurate now, watching the strikes happen in real time and seeing this map update accordingly.


 on: Yesterday at 12:37:27 AM 
Started by RiChArD7032 - Last post by lordmonar
One of the requirements:

"Develop and implement an annual emergency services training plan."

Maybe I'm overlooking something simple and obvious, but not sure what they are asking for here. This is the only thing I'm lacking.
Your annual ES traiing plan is just the basic long term planning to meet your ES needs.

You start with identifing your ES needs......We need to have 8 GTMs, 2 GTLs, 3 MSL, 1 CUL, 4 MRO, etc and so forth.

Now you see what your currently got.
Then you check to see how much attrition you get....."We loose 50% per year"

So your training plan should focus first on your immediate short falls.
Then the plan should focus on staying in front of your attrition.   Half of your GTMS disappear each year you need to make sure you are holding enough GTM courses.
Finally the plan should also include currency training/events.

Now....here's the fun part.  You don't have to do all of this yourself.

Your wing should also have an annual training plan.   That would help cover your currency training needs...and you would only have to do training that wing does not provide.
Also...if you have other nearby squadrons.....cross deck with their ESO's to see if there is any way you can share the load.   Say you are doing quarterly GT training....Squadron X can do it first and third quarter and Squadron Y does it 2nd and 4th quarter.

Remember the whole point of the training plan is to make sure you have enough trained ES personnel to meet your ES needs/taskings.   So that is your first and most important task right now.   You will definitely need to coordinate with wing/group ES to find out what your squadron's share of that burden is.

Good Luck

 on: Yesterday at 12:35:58 AM 
Started by RiChArD7032 - Last post by etodd

Don't over think it - it is simple and obvious. Identify your ES goals and the training required to achieve them. Set quarterly objectives for the next year: there's your annual training plan.

Well yes,  its right in front of my face. I have two members asking me about training them for AP. So I'll get going making up a schedule. Thanks. :)

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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