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Started by BigMojo, October 24, 2007, 01:32:21 AM

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Not sure if this will be a bust or not...but here goes, since I'm new around I like to put faces to names. yourself! But here's the catch...make the pic "off topic" no CAP yourself involved in a hobby, with a significant other, or whatever....

Those anonymous member that are apparently in the "witness protection program" you are still encouraged to participate.

I'll start it out.

Here's me doing something I love...fresh dolphin dinner (Mahi-Mahi to you non-floridians) (by the way, I lost the fuzz to be grooming compliant when I joined up).

Ben Dickmann, Capt, CAP
Emergency Services Officer
Group 6, Florida Wing


Here's a shot of me hiking the mountians last summer. My oldest son and I went out on a random spot and started up. About 1 hour up we found this cave. My son was taking the pix.

I also lost the chin fuzz. Now I'm clean & shiney from the neck up. 8)


...with Associate Justice Clarence Thomas at the US Department of State (April 2004)

all part of my domination studies and plotting


My junior go-faster.

Me as Snidely Whiplash

Dave Bowles
Maj, CAP
AT1, USN Retired
50 Year Member
Mitchell Award (unnumbered)
C/WO, CAP, Ret

Tim Medeiros

As crew on S/Y Argo during the Phukhet Kings Cup Regatta last year, *I'm the guy in the back*

getting ready to finish up my Rescue Diver cert

Another just before completing the last dive for Rescue Diver

Just had to include one of my fuzzy-er times on that trip

Chair, National IT Functional User Group


My pix are all on

Visit, read blogs, enjoy.

Another former CAP officer


Couldn't get it to load in text, so I attached it.


Helping a friend reload hose on his decommissioned fire truck at a meeting for the antique fire truck club I belong to.



Quote from: BigMojo on October 24, 2007, 01:32:21 AM
Those anonymous member that are apparently in the "witness protection program" you are still encouraged to participate.

* a2capt laughs ..

Cute.  ;)


J. McClaren


Me out mountain hiking in Austria a couple years ago.
I've gotten less geeky glasses since then...


Day after my girl was born.  She'll be 1 in less than a month.

Back when I was a supervisor at the local FBO.  We got quite a bit of military traffic, and we were goofing off one quiet Saturday afternoon. 

Sorry no four wheelin' pics with the Jeeps.  At least not on the particular computer I'm on now. 
Capt Christopher Bishop
Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron


Last year in the other Washington....

Ronald G. Kruml, TSgt, CAP
Public Affairs - Mission Aircrewman
Seattle Composite Squadron PCR-WA-018


My F-15 ride......
If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
To err is human, to blame someone else shows good management skills.


Here I am in my "Faster than most CAPFLTs" ride.

Still in the "witness protection program", but now you know a little more about BlackKnight.  ;D
Phil Boylan, Maj, CAP
DCS, Rome Composite Sqdn - GA043


Family photos after some Church related function.
"Eagerness and thrill seeking in others' misery is psychologically corrosive, and is also rampant in EMS. It's a natural danger of the job. It will be something to keep under control, something to fight against."



Me at my "other" job, a TV newscaster:

Jack Bagley, Ed. D.
Lt. Col., CAP (now inactive)
Gill Robb Wilson Award No. 1366, 29 Nov 1991
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Honorary Admiral, Navy of the Republic of Molossia


A few from CAP and in my off time.  Bonus points to anybody who knows who I'm standing with in the last photo.  ;)
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP


^Jim and Julie Boeheim  8)
If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. - Winston Churchill