How to Donate 65 year old CAP information pamhlets

Started by West MI-CAP-Ret, May 06, 2023, 05:49:40 PM

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West MI-CAP-Ret

I inherited two CAP pamphlets from 1957; CAP PAMPHLET 1, Questions and Answers about CIVIL AIR PATROL Cadets (1 May 1957), and CAP PAMPHLET No. 1, The Eagle's Nest CIVIL AIR PATROL's YOUTH AVIATION PROGRAM (February 1957).
I want to donate these pamphlets. How do I do this?
I'm a former member who retired from active CAP service in 2018 as a Major with 28 years.
123070, formerly of Michigan Wing, Group 703, West Michigan Group
MAJ DAVID J. D'ARCY, CAP (Ret) 8 Apr 2018 (1974-1982, 1988-2018)
A former member of:
West Michigan Group MI-703,
Hudsonville Cadet Sqdron MI-135 (name changed to Park Township, Al Johnson Cadet Sqdrn)
Lakeshore Cadet Sqdrn MI-119
Van Dyke Cadet Sqdrn, MI-117
Phoenix Cadet Sqdrn MI-GLR-MI-065 (inactive)
Novi Sixgate Cadet Sqdrn (inactive), MI-068
Inkster Cherry Hill Cadet Sqdrn MI-GLR-MI-283 (inactive)


   I recommend contacting your wing Historian or the National Historian. I'm sure they can direct you in the right direction.

   If the pamphlets are in good enough condition, consider scanning them and posting them here.