How to become a certified MRO instructor?

Started by FireWall730, January 18, 2023, 03:17:04 PM

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I am a C/2nd Lt certified in MRO. There are several cadets in my squadron who also want to be certified in MRO. We do have senior members who can sign us off but, it would be easier if a member of the cadet staff could. All I've heard about becoming an instructor is that there's a course in AXIS LMS and you must be signed off by the squadron commander. Could anyone confirm this? If so, what's the name of the course?


Anyone can instruct. However to be able to "sign off" a task on an SQTR, you must be a Skills Evaluator (CAPR 60-3, 2-2 a).

You must complete the SET course and be qualified for at least 1 year in the specialty area. Then you can be recommended to be a Skills Evaluator. Your wing ES staff will make the decision and if approved, your CAPF 101 will show that you are authorized as an SET in that particular skill.  Contact your unit Emergency Services Officer for guidance.