L-Per LL-16 Repairs

Started by mcks0120, June 20, 2022, 06:56:35 PM

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Out of curiosity, has anyone had to do any repairs on their cheese block? One of our blocks has been sitting around with batteries in it, and it completely eroded the battery tube and is no longer functional. I was trying to find some sort of spec for the aluminum battery tube, but have had no luck. Unfortunately, the people who were holding onto this unit never took the batteries out of the tube, and the unit sat for two years throughout COVID.

I ended up ordering a tube (0.625" OD x 0.035" Wall x 0.555" ID Aluminum Round Tube 6061-T6) from onlinemetals.com. I thought it would be perfect, however, the AA batteries do not fit inside as the wall thickness is slightly to big.

Any suggestions?