Aircrew Professionalism Course now a gate for quals - Feb 2022

Started by Eclipse, February 24, 2022, 05:22:21 PM

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Quoth the eServices release notes via RSS:

• Operations/Operations Qualifications - People who have not completed the Aircrew
Professionalism Course have been marked as inactive in the qualifications that require it. To
return to an active status, please take the Aircrew Professionalism Course.

Aircrew Professionalism Course is now a requirement for the following Qualifications:

o VFR Pilot
o MS - Mission Scanner
o Glider Pilot
o Balloon Pilot
o MO - Mission Observer
o AP - Airborne Photographer
o GFSO - Surrogate Unmanned Aerial System Green Flag Sensor Operator
o UAST - sUAS Technician
o UASMP - sUAS Mission Pilot

This is by no means "new" - the course itself predates the pandemic, but enforcement
via Ops Quals is.

Reed and heed.

"That Others May Zoom"


My Wing has been emphasizing this for over a year now it seems, so hopefully none are caught off guard. Its a simple one and done forever deal.
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