DR missions: actual disaster data and impacts

Started by Spam, January 10, 2022, 03:38:31 AM

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Good evening teammates.

A while back etodd started a pretty interesting discussion (thanks etodd!) about the 2020 hurricane season, and the discussion proceeded to include the changing nature of our disaster relief mission set (ref: http://captalk.net/index.php?topic=25143.msg434921#msg434921).

So there are some new data out, and a new trend analysis which offers some positive news (excluding earthquakes, that is). The field is of interest to me, as I'm currently picking target lists for an upcoming DREX to practice AP skill sets. As the article notes, even as the number and severity of storm impacts decreases, the tendency of humans to build in and to allow development along storm-prone areas (beaches, river bottoms) will keep CAP busy doing damage assessments.

See:  https://reason.com/2022/01/07/weather-and-climate-disasters-are-declining-globally/