Little L-Per repairs

Started by LtCol. Penguin, April 04, 2021, 11:06:41 AM

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Corporal Punishment

Quote from: LtCol. Penguin on April 04, 2021, 11:06:41 AMHey group!
My squadron is still hanging on (barely) to 2 of the original 1970's Little L-Per's from LTronics. They have both seen better days. They both were not working so I opened them up and found multiple broken wires inside. Even with the schematic diagram, getting it wired back correctly is not as easy as it sounds.
Last attempt to get L-Tronics to do a repair, they said they didn't work on them anymore. Checking there website and it looks like they are now out of business.

Anyone know someone somewhere that is good with repairing these? I don't want to make them museum pieces just yet, but neither one is functional if we were to ever need to use it.


Hey, would you happen to still have those old school L-Pers? I might be willing to take a look at them and take a wack at fixing them or take them off your hands. I am currently working on rebuilding one I acquired recently.