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Started by whatevah, January 21, 2012, 04:25:30 AM

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This is a little outside of the normal scope for CAP Talk, however... Pylon and I feel that this is a good idea and may help some of our contributors.

So... this thread is to serve as a spot to post a tidbit or two about your professional life, imagine that you bumped into somebody at a meeting and exchanged business cards.   The forum has a 12 hour editing period, after that posts are locked. Also, anything posted here is public and can be viewed by search engines and the general public.  With that in mind, be careful of the details you post, linking to a professional resume site or something like linkedin might be a good idea.   You can use my info in the next post as an example to follow.

This is a service to our contributors... additions from new members with zero-few posts may be removed. Contact me before adding your info if you are new here.   Also, this is ONLY for networking details, any discussion posts will deleted.
Jerry Horn
CAPTalk Co-Admin


Jerry Horn
Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter
Biohazard Cleanup Tech
Jerry Horn
CAPTalk Co-Admin


I lost my job at the end of June and I'm currently freelancing and looking for new clients.

I've spent 20 years as a creative in the ad industry. As a freelancer I create ads, build websites, design logos, brochures, and catalogs along with any other marketing or advertising project you can think of. I can help any business market their products and services.

You can see some of my portfolio here:
My LinkedIn profile:

I'm looking for referrals for new clients. If anyone know a business that needs a little adrenaline injected into their marketing, send me a PM.



Jim Bedient
Air Refueling Planner, 613 AOC/AMDR, U.S. Air Force Civilian
Retired Air Traffic Controller (center, tower, approach), FAA
Believe in fate, but lean forward where fate can see you.

Ed Bos

Edward A. Bos

Executive Director
Alaska Community Share

Lead Surveyor (Data Collection)
McDowell Group

HH-60 Aerial Gunner
210th Rescue Squadron

Candidate, Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice
University of Alaska Anchorage
Email: edward.bos(at)


Patrick Harris

Ground Control Station Technican MQ-1/9 UAVs.
22 years Military Communications Experience:
  Long Haul Transmission sites
  FDM and TDM multiplexing
  Microwave LOS systems
  Fixed, Tactical and Portable Satellite Communications
  Fixed and Tactical HF Communications systems
  Closed Circuit Television systems:  Head End, above and below ground distrubution and premises installation/maintenace/troubleshooting
  Honor Graduate of the USAF Standard Installations and Engineering Course
  Very Large Antenna Maintenance experince 20M satellite, "elephant cage", LF and HF multi-element directional antennas.


Matthew Gomes

Commercial with Instrument: Single and Multi - Airplane
working on CFI/CFII
resume available via pm/email

Looking for: multi time/charter experience
Maj, CAP
Former C/Lt Col

Cool Mace

Mason Huston

Old job:
Manager at Fast Lanes of America.

Array Products(oil field)
CAP is what you make of it. If you don't put anything in to it, you won't get anything out of it.
Eaker #2250
C/Lt Col, Ret.
The cookies and donuts were a lie.

Al Sayre

Alan R. Sayre
Entergy Operations Inc.
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson MS
Senior Engineer-Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems
Lt Col Al Sayre
MS Wing Staff Dude
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
GRW #2787

Duke Dillio

man you guys have some really cool jobs.....

OK here goes:

Timothy Paquin
Plant Equipment Operator
PGE Boardman Coal Plant

formerly Production Technician II - FPL Energy/NextEra Energy Resources in Stockton, CA and Plant Specialist "B" - Xcel Energy - Cherokee Generating Station, CO


Michael Kieloch
Non-Profit Public Relations & Leadership

Twitter: @ihelpnonprofits

Director of Marketing & Communications, Cathedral High School of Boston
0311 & Battalion S-3 Section Head, United States Marine Corps Reserve

Associate Director of Communications, New England Province of Jesuits
Marketing Promotions GA, Boston University FitRec
Marketing & Communications, Arc of Onondaga Foundation

BA, Siena College
MS in Public Relations, Boston University

I work with non-profit organizations to improve branding, awareness, donor relations, media relations, and fundraising communications.  Specific areas of expertise include digital and social media growth, website planning, inbound marketing, graphic design & art direction, direct mail campaigns, and working with the press.

Updated as of Jul 2015.
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP

N Harmon

Nathan A. Harmon

Systems Analyst - Information Technology
Monroe Bank & Trust

University of Illinois at Springfield
Mathematical Sciences

Twitter: @nharmon
Linked In:
Monroe Composite Squadron


Jack Bagley
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director
"Calliope" children's Television show

Calico Cat Productions, LLC
producers of "Calliope"
(to view episodes of the show)
Jack Bagley, Ed. D.
Lt. Col., CAP (now inactive)
Gill Robb Wilson Award No. 1366, 29 Nov 1991
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Honorary Admiral, Navy of the Republic of Molossia

NHQ-OS-126 Frank

Frank Schuler

I am a math and french teacher in a High School in Luxembourg/Europe.   I know this sounds strange..... I am living in Luxembourg and I am a member of NHQ-OS-126  of Spangdahlem AB in Germany which is just over the German/Luxembourg border and about 50miles away from my home.

Our school has about 1200 students and it is situated in the northern part of Luxembourg in a town called Ettelbruck also called General Patton's town because he had his HQ there during some time after the battle of the bulge in 1945.

Sometimes I use Civil Air Patrol AE material during math classes to make the subject more interesting for the teenagers.

That's what I do for living and if you are interested you can have a look on the school's website :
Deputy commander
Aerospace Education Officer
NHQ-OS-126 Spangdahlem AB


Greg Putnam

Michigan State University
BA, International Relations

US Army and Army Reserve
If it wasn't nailed down I did it!

Civilian Employment:
Almost 30 years in computer support in private and public industry.
Certifications: CBE, CNE, MCSE, PMP, and CGCIO
Currently the Director of Technology for Monmouth County, NJ

CAP Career:
20 years in CAP and still standing!

Find more info!
On linkedin!

Greg Putnam, Lt. Col., CAP

Flying Pig

Robert S.  (If you need my last name, I can provide it PM)

Deputy Sheriff-Pilot
1800hrs TT. 1400 fixed wing, 400 helo
CFI-A, CFI-H, PPL-Glider and working on CFII-A and ME
Flight Instructor - Future Eagles Aviation and Pacific Aviation
NVG qualified

Past Assignments:
SWAT, Training Officer, Tactical EMT (expired)
USMC 0331, 8152, 8154
USAR 11B30
Former CAP Mission Pilot, CD Pilot, Mountain

Always looking for an opportunity to fly.  Charter or ferry work and available for Flight Reviews or one on one flight instruction in the Central CA area.

COL Land

Joseph M. Land, Sr.
Millersburg, Kentucky

President, Liberty Communications - Training, Facilitation and Coaching for government employees

Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Cadet Corps - Responsible for day-to-day leadership and administration of the U.S. Army Cadet Corps.

Project Officer, Forest Hill Military Academy - Responsible for coordinating the stand-up of a residential preparatory school, opening in August,, 2012.

Owner, Vacation Rental - Comfortable and affordable lodging in central Kentucky.

Very active in community affairs within my hometown of Millersburg, Kentucky.
COL, AG, USAC       
Acting Commander    
Headquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Corps



Brad Lee


Francis Marion University class of 2008
B.S., Political Science with minor in Sociology (Criminal Justice concentration)

SCHP Telecommunications Operator
NCIC 40-hour certified
Firefighter/First Responder (certification list available on request)
NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 300, 700, 800 certifications
Civil Air Patrol Communications Instructor
15 years computer experience (self-taught)

Looking for sworn positions in law enforcement or firefighting/EMS, or non-sworn positions in communications support geared towards the technical side, i.e. radio programming.

Amateur radio operator (KJ4VKC)
Master Mason, SC Ancient Free Masons
Brad Lee
Maj, CAP
Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications
Mid-Atlantic Region


Tyler Lahnen

Florida Wing Director of Marketing & Public Affairs

Currently a full time student at University of North Florida
BBA-  Marketing and Management expected August 2012
A.A.-  Florida State College-  2008
HS Diploma-  2004

Past experience includes sales and service of small engine power equipment, 2 and 4 cycle motors, and commercial sales experience at a construction industry supply company.

Looking for a career in sales, public relations, or promotions.  Willing to relocate for the right position. Available September 2012.


American Marketing Association
American Society of Transportation and Logistics
Society of Professional Journalists
Freelancers Union


Marc Eichler

Currently AEO/PAO of DE-004
Previously AEO of PA-049, and as a Cadet (1998-2006) held every staff position in that squadron except First Sgt.

BA in Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2009

Currently unemployed and looking for work, preferably in some aspect of journalism or media.

Resume and other information available by PM/e-mail.


Past: finished high school in 2010 (still a young'n).

Present: I work as the IT manager for a major floral distributor that ships all over the country, as well as Canada (if you see sunflowers in a store, they're probably ours!).  My duties mainly consist of systems administrator-type stuff for PCs, printers, and phones; eCommerce service support; as well as coordinating the efforts of our contract IT guys (network administrator, webmaster, ERP developer, telecomm engineer).

Since we're a "small business" (~200 people; ~50 user environment), I'm also the "go-to" guy for other items that aren't normally IT related: security and camera systems, time clock systems, fire alarms, etc.

I don't have any certs or degrees yet, but I'm workin' on 'em!  I'd like to pursue something information systems-related in college, and either continue on down this path, or try and use these experiences to jump into law enforcement.


(^^New-ish profile; recently revamped)


Jordan Shuping
Duke Energy, Tax Intern

I will start full time as a Tax Analyst after I graduate from college in May.


Dave Bowles
Maj, CAP
AT1, USN Retired
50 Year Member
Mitchell Award (unnumbered)
C/WO, CAP, Ret


BA Education with a focus in Social Studies, minor in Computer Applications.

Texas Certified Teacher: ESL, Composite Social Studies, Computer Tachnologies I.

Recent experience: 10+ years public school teaching in ESL/EFL, human and physical geography. Currently teaching EFL English conversation in elementary school.

Other experience: NRA Certified Instructor, Texas Hunter Education Instructor, 30+ years in Scouting.

Major, CAP. Most of my 10 years spent in Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education.


Bored, so I might as well add to this one...

Masters of Military History with a specialized study area (thanks to the USAF) on interactions of the Third Reich in particular the Schutz-Staffel... and just for laughs went back to school to study Virology and Epidemiology.
In god we trust, all others we run through NCIC


Cliff Chambliss

Controller  M&A Electrical.  (Electrical & Construction)

Treasurer  B.A.R.K.  Bone-A-Fide Australian Shepherd Rescue

Retired US Army
Armored Cavalry

Redstone Arsenal Flying Activity, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
Former NAFI Master Instructor (did not renew last time around).

Mission Pilot
Form 5 Check Pilot
Cadet Orientation Pilot
AFROTC Orientation Pilot

Prof Dev Officer
Admin Officer
Asst Pers Officer

Trying Very hard to be the person my dog thinks I am and my wife deserves.

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
3d Infantry Division
504th BattleField Surveillance Brigade

ARMY:  Because even the Marines need heros.    
CAVALRY:  If it were easy it would be called infantry.


Quote from: SarDragon on April 12, 2012, 06:23:41 AM
Welcome back!


Welcome back!

I remember you from CS when I was just a wee little Airman.

Tim Medeiros

Quote from: Jordan on April 12, 2012, 05:08:05 AM
Jordan Shuping
Duke Energy, Tax Intern

I will start full time as a Tax Analyst after I graduate from college in May.
That name strikes a bell, or 20.  Ever have the nickname of "Duckie" or something along those lines?
Chair, National IT Functional User Group


Network Engineer and Project Manager for Bexar (pronounced BEAR) DataComm (

Currently have more free time than I know what to do with.. :|

Lackland Cadet Squadron - SWR-TX-007 2012-Current
Kelly Composite Squadron - 42178 (Deactivated) 1994-2000
Cadet from 1994-1998
Senior Member from 1998-2000, 2012-Current
United States Air Force 2000-2006, 0-3

Critical AOA

Aviation Maintenance Professional currently working as a Maintenance Controller with Pinnacle Airlines in Memphis TN.
BS in Aviation Technology, Purdue University
Private Pilot, ASEL & AMEL
A&P Mechanic with IA
US Army veteran
Currently a Captain & TMP in CAP
"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."   - George Bernard Shaw


Looking for an USAF supply specalist here in Las Vegas.


David Brown

North Georgia College and State University, The Military College of Georgia, class of 1991
B.S., Psychology (with dual Applied/Industrial-Organisational and Counseling emphasis).
Minor in Criminal Justice (with Criminal Investigations emphasis).

Sales Associate - Ham Radio Outlet (Atlanta branch)
NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800 certifications
Civil Air Patrol Communications Instructor-Trainer (responsible for training other Communications Instructors).
Have held staff positions as Squadron Commander, Group Director of Communications, Group Deputy Commander, and Wing Deputy Director of Cadet Programs.
25 years computer experience (self-taught)

Amateur radio operator - Extra Class  (AI4XL)
Member of Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)


OK I'll play:

Kevin Estes

BA, University of Arkansas, Broadcast Journalism (almost completed)

Skilled in a lot of areas, mainly technical (computer networking, installation and repair of parts and software, virus removal), physical(up and down telephone poles, troubleshooting AT&T network issues),
Amateur radio (technician) license since 2001 KD5PHZ

Civil Air Patrol:
Assistant IT
Assistant transportation
ES Officer
former DCC
former Leadership officer
SLS/CLC/UCC(next weekend)/ECI-13
Technician rating in Cadet Programs
Master rating in Admin and Personnel
Technician rating in ES

Volunteer firefighter in training
Still a major after all these years.
ES dude, leadership ossifer, publik affaires
Opinionated and wrong 99% of the time about all things


Just bumping this to the top since we have a lot of new forum members here.  Feel free to continue to share your professional backgrounds and professional social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, industry blog, etc.).
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP


Richard "Rick" Desrosiers
Townsend, DE

Education: BS in Information Technology, Northeastern University
Summa Cum Laude, Alpha Sigma Lambda National High Honors Sociiety

Work: Infrastructure Architect, ING Direct / Capital One (2001 - Current)
USAA - Systems Analyst
Cache Box - POS Implementation Engineer

Military: United States Air Force, Air National Guard
Crew Chief - OV-10A Bronco
Security Forces - Counterdrug Operations

CAP: DEWG - Middletown Cadet Squadron
Deputy Commander
Emergency Services Officer
Professional Development Officer
Mission Scanner / Counterdrug


Eric Martin

BA. English. California State University, Chico, CA
Master of Arts, English. MA. University of Nevada, Reno. Reno, Nevada.

Paramedic/EMT/Wilderness Medicine Instructor. (2000-current)
Flight Paramedic: Alaska (1995-2000)
Paramedic/FF: 1994-1995

CAP: PIO, Truckee Squadron.

Flying: Private, Rotory wing.
In training for private, ASEL


Texas Raiders

Randy Patterson

Career Firefighter/EMT
Rope Access Technician

USCG Boatswain's Mate- 12 years.... Qualed- COX, BCM, BTM, BMOW, QMOW, Weapons Petty Officer, Certified Ship Rigger, and CUTTERMAN!
SM Randy Patterson
399th Comp. Squadron,  Danbury, CT "Yankee Hatters"
IAFF Local 1567
USCG- 1998-2010   Boatswain's Mate
Former member of the old 273rd/ Mid-County Composite Squadron, Nederland, Texas- 1994-2000


Jeffrey Hughes
Currently a Protection Services Officer at Maryland Masonic Homes in Cockeysville MD.  Previously:
Lieutenant: July-Sep 2012 AlliedBarton Security Services
Patrolman/Image Analyst: 2007-2012 Charleston AFB, SC (now JB Charleston)
Shift Supervisor: Feb-Oct 2008 Camp Bucca Iraq (closed)
Armorer: 2006-2007 Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
Quick Reaction Force Grenadier: Feb-Aug 2005 Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan
Entry Controller: 2004-2006 Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

Held every rank from AMN to SSGT ;-) (never was an AB, due to college credit)
SSgt Jeffrey Hughes, Squadron NCO
Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron MD-031


A nugget of my resume...

Intelligence Specialist, Program Design/Implementation, 1996 – 2001
Personnel Readiness and Training Contract Programs – Washington, DC
Contractor for United States Government

· Leader of a twelve-person team providing training and preparatory instruction to interagency
personnel prior to foreign service.
· Evaluate and report on readiness of foreign duty personnel to initiate/continue performance of duties.
· Provide course instruction assistance in training of new team members.

o HUMINT Surveillance/Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance
o Intelligence/Counterintelligence Trade Craft
o Hostile Environment Trade Craft
o Advanced Map Reading, Land Navigation, and Geographical Interpretation Skills

NOTE:  Sorry, will finish this post later.  Got busy.
Serving since 1987.


Work:  Most of the past 20 years has been working with encryption-focused companies, except for that little sojurn to Iraq.   Basically, think of me as an IT Security guy.

CAP: Director of Communications for FLWG.     Most used qual: UDF - one of my specialties, if you will.

LinkedIn: - if you want details.


Charles E. (Chuck) Corway

Drafter III, Kwajalein Ramge Services, LLC (contractor for the U.S. Army's Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands). 2009-present, currently working in Huntsville, Alabama after 3 years on Kwajalein.Engineering and drafting support for the many radars, sensors and optics on Kwajalein.
Lt Col Charles E. (Chuck) Corway, CAP
Gill Robb Wilson Award (#2901 - 2011)
Amelia Earhart Award (#1257 - 1982) - C/Major (retired)
Billy Mitchell Award (#2375 - 1981)
Administrative/Personnel/Professional Development Officer
Nellis Composite Squadron (PCR-NV-069)
KJ6GHO - NAR 45040


Eric L. Russ

Public Safety Communications Supervisor & Criminal Justice Instructor @ Rocky Mount Police Department

Cowboy Cook

Head of Gray Rider Ministries (a Cowboys for Christ and Reenactors for Christ Ministry)
Tar River Composite Squadron "River Rats" NC-057


Quote from: AlphaSigOU on April 07, 2013, 02:22:14 PMKwajalein Ramge Services
Is that like a range with a battering ram? ;)



USAF 1992-2000 C-130 Loadmaster Elmendorf/Ramstein

USAF ANG 2001-present POL Fuels Specialist (Retiring this month!)

Railroad 2000-present-Operations- Conductor, Locomotive Engineer, Yardmaster, General Manager, Regional Manager Operations, Regional Safety Manager, Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers (DSLE)

Currently Director of Safety. Primarily responsible for Safety and Compliance initiatives, Engineer/Conductor Certification programs, training programs, Regulatory Affairs, Accident/Incident Investigation, Operating Rules Development, and Operating Crew oversight.
Safety First, Excellence Always


Current - Working for a research center in technology transfer and outreach and working on a disaster resiliency project that includes use of an unmanned aerial system for disaster assessment. 
Prior - Duty officer, operations section, outreach professional at state Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Volunteer experience:
CAP, Fire, EMS, HAZMAT, emergency management, humanitarian relief



Roy Barden
Currently Military Working Dog Handler (find bombs or drugs)
USAF 2000-present
Station at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

CAP Aug 2012
Private Pilot


What you doing here, Roy?  See ya Wednesday!
Believe in fate, but lean forward where fate can see you.


Name: Robert A. Rothenberg

Education: B.S. University at Albany 1998
                  Mathematics / Economics

                  MBA University of Phoenix 2004

                  B.S. Southern New Hampshire University 2017 (Expected)
                  Forensic Accounting

Professional  International Trade Compliance - United Technologies Aerospace Systems

Previous       International Trade Compliance - Navistar Inc (Ill) - (2011 - 2012)
                    International Trade Compliance - Airbus (AL) (2010 - 2011)
                     International Trade Compliance - Raytheon (AZ, TX, MD) (2005 - 2010)

CAP            CT Wing Plans and Programs Officer; CT Wing Deputy Director Professional Development
                   Western CT Group Admin Officer
                   399th Composite Squadron - Admin/Personnel Officer; ES Training Officer; Deputy PD Officer
                   Training: GTM3/LO/MSO/PIO/UDF

Specialty Tracks - Finance (M); Plans and Programs (S), Professional Development (S), Administration (S); Personnel (T); Cadet Programs (T); Information Technology (T)

Organizations: New Milford CERT; American Red Cross of CT (DAT/Blood Services); Society of International Affairs; Alpha Phi Omega;


Lawrence A. 'Larry' Nelson MS NMCEM
Director, Emergency Management Program
Eastern New Mexico University
1500 S. Avenue K, Stop 3
Portales NM 88130
575-562-2831 (office)
Office: Lea Hall 145
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
John Quincy Adams

L.A. Nelson Lt. Col. CAP
Homeland Security Officer
NM Wing Headquarters


Franklin Birt
Corrections Officer
Fire Inspector
Broome County Sheriff's Office
Past: Volunteer FF/EMT (expired)


Capt Thompson

Matt Thompson

Samsung Mobile - Lead Consultant

Heritage Newspapers - Photographer

Capt Matt Thompson
Deputy Commander for Cadets, Historian, Public Affairs Officer

Mitchell - 31 OCT 98 (#44670) Earhart - 1 OCT 00 (#11401)


Sean McClanahan, 2d Lt, CAP


Information Security and Auditing professional for a company that provides SaaS services to clients world-wide.
Previous jobs included IT, law enforcement, and fire inspections.

Communications Director for Delaware Wing

Still pretty new to CAP, as I just completed my first year as a member.   MRO, CUL, AP, MS, MO, MSA, and CERT qualifications completed.
Sean McClanahan, Lt Col, CAP
Squadron Commander, Delaware Legislative Squadron
Director of Emergency Services - Delaware Wing


Ryan M McNeilly

Safety / Internal Evaluation Program Auditor
CommutAir dba United Express

Master of Technology
Kent State University, 2013

Bachelor of Science
Aviation Management
Kent State University, 2011


Wow, somehow missed this and dont mind sharing

Mark Kleibscheidel
Current:  Critical Care Transport/Flight Paramedic
               Tactical Paramedic
               EMS instructor (EMT, Paramedic, PHTLS, ACLS, First Aid/CPR)

Military:   USAF Reserve 4N071
               Currently assigned as CAP-RAP NCO
               Previous: Areomedical Evac Tech, SOFME and US Army Combat Medic

Previous Volunteer Experience:
               Firefighter/Vehicle Rescue Technician
               Technical Rescue/Hazmat team member
               Search and Rescue Technician
               Civil Air Patrol
Capt.  Mark "K12" Kleibscheidel


Doyon Universal Services, Security Officer, 2015-Present

USAF, Security Forces, 2006-2014
USAFR, Security Forces 2014-2015
AK ANG, Emergency Management (Awaiting Tech School Date), 2015-Present

Other Volunteer Experience:
Volunteer Firefighter-
     Central Emergency Services, AK (Basic Firefighter/Emergency Trauma Technician) 2015-Present,
     Gore Hill VFD, MT 2007-2011
Red Cross Disaster Action Team-
     NAS Sigonella, Italy 2011-2014
Paul M. McBride
TSgt, 176 SFS, AKANG
1st Lt, AK CAP
Earhart #13376


BS Texas A&M University, Biomedical Science (emphases include pharmacology, physiology, microbiology)

High performance computing computational scientist, with an emphasis on numerical weather prediction, National Severe Storms Laboratory

GPS research, including GPS systems, physical and satellite geodesy, and GIS
Medical research, including partial and total artificial heart, transplant, anesthesia, and emphases on physiology and pharmacology
EMT and Paramedic (long since lapsed, but some skill just don't die)
Lecturer at the university level: GIS, Geodesy, Computer Operating Systems, Meteorology
Design and development of medical (biomedical) systems for Space Station medical facilities
Flight experiment PI

And while it's not "professional", Amateur Radio (N5JXS) for longer than I care to admit in print, working with HSMM networking (Network Architect), HF, VHF, UHF and microwave antenna design, minor RF hardware development, EMI/EMC testing and mitigation, and, crew training, hardware design and mission staffing for the Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX)
G. Creager 1st Lt CAP
Comms Officer SWR-OK-074
Pilot (PP-ASEL-IA)
Supercomputer geek


My short list...

Daniel Pace


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Level 1 Neurotrauma ICU RN
CCRN (non-renewed due to redundancy with current level of certification)
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Louisiana Tech University

BS, Louisiana Tech University
BSN, Creighton University
MS, LaRoche College



Former (when I had more free time)-
NBB ES Team Member
Check Pilot
COF Pilot
Lt Col, CAP


Taking some time this weekend to explore the site and the discussions a bit more.  Long time CAP member, both as a cadet in the PA Wing and now a senior member in the NC Wing.  I am a career US Army officer currently in my 18th year of service.  While I can never spend as much time volunteering and supporting my Squadron, I participate when I can and continue to believe in the Cadet and Aerospace programs and volunteer in ground and air ES operations.


Lt Col Adam DiGaudio, CAP
North Carolina Wing
Fayetteville Composite Squadron (MAR-NC-007)
Gill Robb Wilson Award (#3500)
Billy Mitchell Award (#41819)


Jaison Scott, CEM, MBA, DMC

Disaster Program Manager- Northwest Arkansas
Arkansas-Oklahoma Region
American Red Cross

Emergency Management & Safety Director, Wagoner County, Oklahoma
Paramedic- Various services and locations

In progress- BS Data Management & Analytics, Western Governors University
MBA-Management, American Intercontinental University
BS- Emergency Administration & Management, Arkansas Tech University
AAS- Allied Health, Tech. Cert. Paramedic/Emergency Medical Services Technology, Arkansas Tech University-Ozark

Certifications (Short List, various others available to those who care):
International Association of Emergency Managers Certified Emergency Manager, American Red Cross Certified Disaster Manager, CEM-AR Emergency Management Association, Certified Volunteer Manager, Paramedic, Firefighter I and II, Emergency Services Instructor I, FCC Amaetur Technician License

Squadron Professional Development Officer- Civil Air Patrol, Area Representative- AR Emergency Management Association, AEMA member, Delta Mu Delta

CAP- cadet and senior, former Chapter President- NWAR Chapter Arkansas Volunteer Coordinators Association, Volunteer Firefighter, SAR, Emergency Management


Mine has changed quite a bit since the original posting ... here's the original:

Quote from: ColonelJack on February 21, 2012, 12:11:37 AM
Jack Bagley
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director
"Calliope" children's Television show

Calico Cat Productions, LLC
producers of "Calliope"
(to view episodes of the show)

Now, the current:

"Calliope" was cancelled in September of 2015, and Calico Cat Productions, LLC, is rather dormant at the moment.  We are looking to resume production of new programming soon.

In the meantime, one must eat, so ...

Layout Editor/Reporter, Trib Publications
Manchester, Ga.
(Putting out five weekly newspapers in west-central Georgia)

News Reporter, WTRP-AM, LaGrange,GA and WRLA-AM, West Point, GA

Tour bus driver, Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari

Hey, it keeps me off the streets (and in the bars, where I belong).

Jack Bagley, Ed. D.
Lt. Col., CAP (now inactive)
Gill Robb Wilson Award No. 1366, 29 Nov 1991
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Honorary Admiral, Navy of the Republic of Molossia


Greg Putnam
IT Professional

Agent with the Monmouth County, NJ Prosecutor's Office

Director of IT for Monmouth County
Director of IT Mercer County VoTech
Manager of Systems at Bell South

BA Michigan State University
County Government - Chief Information Officer – University of North Carolina

Current experience:
IT support
Video forensics   
Greg Putnam, Lt. Col., CAP


David W. Richards
Corporate Photographer, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Retired Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force


MSgt Latorre, Carlos A.
Active Duty USMC
Infantry Unit Leader

19 years of Service.
Medium Level Management skills
Preparing for 1st Retirement
Management degree from University of Maryland.

Looking for any offers with in the management field.
Or Weapons instructor. Force Protection officer or physical security consultant.

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Rev. Maj Deputy James Colgan; non-profit management; temporary cripple; harasser of people with white Jeeps



Shawn Wynn
UAS Pilot
UAS Professor at Embry-Riddle
BS and MS from Embry-Riddle
MBA in process from Temple University
6 years flying UAVs for defense companies overseas
6 years Navy Rescue Swimmer

CAP - Louisiana Wing - Lake Charles 007

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