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Professional Networking

Started by whatevah, January 21, 2012, 04:25:30 AM

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This is a little outside of the normal scope for CAP Talk, however... Pylon and I feel that this is a good idea and may help some of our contributors.

So... this thread is to serve as a spot to post a tidbit or two about your professional life, imagine that you bumped into somebody at a meeting and exchanged business cards.   The forum has a 12 hour editing period, after that posts are locked. Also, anything posted here is public and can be viewed by search engines and the general public.  With that in mind, be careful of the details you post, linking to a professional resume site or something like linkedin might be a good idea.   You can use my info in the next post as an example to follow.

This is a service to our contributors... additions from new members with zero-few posts may be removed. Contact me before adding your info if you are new here.   Also, this is ONLY for networking details, any discussion posts will deleted.
Jerry Horn
CAPTalk Co-Admin


Jerry Horn
Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter
Biohazard Cleanup Tech
Jerry Horn
CAPTalk Co-Admin


I lost my job at the end of June and I'm currently freelancing and looking for new clients.

I've spent 20 years as a creative in the ad industry. As a freelancer I create ads, build websites, design logos, brochures, and catalogs along with any other marketing or advertising project you can think of. I can help any business market their products and services.

You can see some of my portfolio here:
My LinkedIn profile:

I'm looking for referrals for new clients. If anyone know a business that needs a little adrenaline injected into their marketing, send me a PM.



Jim Bedient
Air Refueling Planner, 613 AOC/AMDR, U.S. Air Force Civilian
Retired Air Traffic Controller (center, tower, approach), FAA
Believe in fate, but lean forward where fate can see you.

Ed Bos

Edward A. Bos

Executive Director
Alaska Community Share

Lead Surveyor (Data Collection)
McDowell Group

HH-60 Aerial Gunner
210th Rescue Squadron

Candidate, Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice
University of Alaska Anchorage
Email: edward.bos(at)


Patrick Harris

Ground Control Station Technican MQ-1/9 UAVs.
22 years Military Communications Experience:
  Long Haul Transmission sites
  FDM and TDM multiplexing
  Microwave LOS systems
  Fixed, Tactical and Portable Satellite Communications
  Fixed and Tactical HF Communications systems
  Closed Circuit Television systems:  Head End, above and below ground distrubution and premises installation/maintenace/troubleshooting
  Honor Graduate of the USAF Standard Installations and Engineering Course
  Very Large Antenna Maintenance experince 20M satellite, "elephant cage", LF and HF multi-element directional antennas.


Matthew Gomes

Commercial with Instrument: Single and Multi - Airplane
working on CFI/CFII
resume available via pm/email

Looking for: multi time/charter experience
Maj, CAP
Former C/Lt Col

Cool Mace

Mason Huston

Old job:
Manager at Fast Lanes of America.

Array Products(oil field)
CAP is what you make of it. If you don't put anything in to it, you won't get anything out of it.
Eaker #2250
C/Lt Col, Ret.
The cookies and donuts were a lie.

Al Sayre

Alan R. Sayre
Entergy Operations Inc.
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson MS
Senior Engineer-Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems
Lt Col Al Sayre
MS Wing Staff Dude
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
GRW #2787

Duke Dillio

man you guys have some really cool jobs.....

OK here goes:

Timothy Paquin
Plant Equipment Operator
PGE Boardman Coal Plant

formerly Production Technician II - FPL Energy/NextEra Energy Resources in Stockton, CA and Plant Specialist "B" - Xcel Energy - Cherokee Generating Station, CO


Michael Kieloch
Non-Profit Public Relations & Leadership

Twitter: @ihelpnonprofits

Director of Marketing & Communications, Cathedral High School of Boston
0311 & Battalion S-3 Section Head, United States Marine Corps Reserve

Associate Director of Communications, New England Province of Jesuits
Marketing Promotions GA, Boston University FitRec
Marketing & Communications, Arc of Onondaga Foundation

BA, Siena College
MS in Public Relations, Boston University

I work with non-profit organizations to improve branding, awareness, donor relations, media relations, and fundraising communications.  Specific areas of expertise include digital and social media growth, website planning, inbound marketing, graphic design & art direction, direct mail campaigns, and working with the press.

Updated as of Jul 2015.
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP

N Harmon

Nathan A. Harmon

Systems Analyst - Information Technology
Monroe Bank & Trust

University of Illinois at Springfield
Mathematical Sciences

Twitter: @nharmon
Linked In:
Monroe Composite Squadron


Jack Bagley
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director
"Calliope" children's Television show

Calico Cat Productions, LLC
producers of "Calliope"
(to view episodes of the show)
Jack Bagley, Ed. D.
Lt. Col., CAP (now inactive)
Gill Robb Wilson Award No. 1366, 29 Nov 1991
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Honorary Admiral, Navy of the Republic of Molossia

NHQ-OS-126 Frank

Frank Schuler

I am a math and french teacher in a High School in Luxembourg/Europe.   I know this sounds strange..... I am living in Luxembourg and I am a member of NHQ-OS-126  of Spangdahlem AB in Germany which is just over the German/Luxembourg border and about 50miles away from my home.

Our school has about 1200 students and it is situated in the northern part of Luxembourg in a town called Ettelbruck also called General Patton's town because he had his HQ there during some time after the battle of the bulge in 1945.

Sometimes I use Civil Air Patrol AE material during math classes to make the subject more interesting for the teenagers.

That's what I do for living and if you are interested you can have a look on the school's website :
Deputy commander
Aerospace Education Officer
NHQ-OS-126 Spangdahlem AB


Greg Putnam

Michigan State University
BA, International Relations

US Army and Army Reserve
If it wasn't nailed down I did it!

Civilian Employment:
Almost 30 years in computer support in private and public industry.
Certifications: CBE, CNE, MCSE, PMP, and CGCIO
Currently the Director of Technology for Monmouth County, NJ

CAP Career:
20 years in CAP and still standing!

Find more info!
On linkedin!

Greg Putnam, Lt. Col., CAP

Flying Pig

Robert S.  (If you need my last name, I can provide it PM)

Deputy Sheriff-Pilot
1800hrs TT. 1400 fixed wing, 400 helo
CFI-A, CFI-H, PPL-Glider and working on CFII-A and ME
Flight Instructor - Future Eagles Aviation and Pacific Aviation
NVG qualified

Past Assignments:
SWAT, Training Officer, Tactical EMT (expired)
USMC 0331, 8152, 8154
USAR 11B30
Former CAP Mission Pilot, CD Pilot, Mountain

Always looking for an opportunity to fly.  Charter or ferry work and available for Flight Reviews or one on one flight instruction in the Central CA area.

COL Land

Joseph M. Land, Sr.
Millersburg, Kentucky

President, Liberty Communications - Training, Facilitation and Coaching for government employees

Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Cadet Corps - Responsible for day-to-day leadership and administration of the U.S. Army Cadet Corps.

Project Officer, Forest Hill Military Academy - Responsible for coordinating the stand-up of a residential preparatory school, opening in August,, 2012.

Owner, Vacation Rental - Comfortable and affordable lodging in central Kentucky.

Very active in community affairs within my hometown of Millersburg, Kentucky.
COL, AG, USAC       
Acting Commander    
Headquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Corps



Brad Lee


Francis Marion University class of 2008
B.S., Political Science with minor in Sociology (Criminal Justice concentration)

SCHP Telecommunications Operator
NCIC 40-hour certified
Firefighter/First Responder (certification list available on request)
NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 300, 700, 800 certifications
Civil Air Patrol Communications Instructor
15 years computer experience (self-taught)

Looking for sworn positions in law enforcement or firefighting/EMS, or non-sworn positions in communications support geared towards the technical side, i.e. radio programming.

Amateur radio operator (KJ4VKC)
Master Mason, SC Ancient Free Masons
Brad Lee
Maj, CAP
Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications
Mid-Atlantic Region


Tyler Lahnen

Florida Wing Director of Marketing & Public Affairs

Currently a full time student at University of North Florida
BBA-  Marketing and Management expected August 2012
A.A.-  Florida State College-  2008
HS Diploma-  2004

Past experience includes sales and service of small engine power equipment, 2 and 4 cycle motors, and commercial sales experience at a construction industry supply company.

Looking for a career in sales, public relations, or promotions.  Willing to relocate for the right position. Available September 2012.


American Marketing Association
American Society of Transportation and Logistics
Society of Professional Journalists
Freelancers Union


Marc Eichler

Currently AEO/PAO of DE-004
Previously AEO of PA-049, and as a Cadet (1998-2006) held every staff position in that squadron except First Sgt.

BA in Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2009

Currently unemployed and looking for work, preferably in some aspect of journalism or media.

Resume and other information available by PM/e-mail.